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    Patti labelle is still in touch with cindy birdsong

    For the past few years, we have not gotten much news about Cindy or her health. Finally, yesterday on WATCH WHAT HAPPENS, in an interview, Patti was asked if she was still in touch with Cindy Birdsong and she said, "Of course. Yeah, I am. She's in Los Angeles and I'm praying every day."

    Not much in the way of news, but it is good to hear that people are still keeping in touch with her.

    And I just watched something on line that wasn't part of the show - I guess it was the after show. At about the seven minute mark, Patti is asked how
    she felt when Cindy left the group for the Supremes. She put a positive spin on it.

    Also, I didn't quite understand this part and I am probably wrong, but I think she said that she and Gladys and Dionne are going to tour and Patti and LaBelle are back together they will be part of it. This would be a great show to see, but I think that I misheard. I hope someone with better hearing will listen to the video below and tell me exactly what she said


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    Thanks Milven for the news! It's great to hear that Patti LaBelle is in touch with Cindy Birdsong, is promising a tour with Dionne Warwick & Gladys Knight & that LaBelle are back together [and I'm sure that someone on this forum will share the info if and when any tours or projects involving Patti come around].


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