Well folks, the day after tomorrow "A Breath Taking Guy" turns 58. I'm not sure that I can really point to any one song as my favorite Supremes song, but I think if I could, it would be this one. This would be a song I'd play if someone asks "Why do you love the Supremes so much?". It used to boggle my mind that this great song didn't place any higher than it did on the charts, but I've since come to the opinion that some here in the forum have had, that by the time of the song's release it was dated. The Motown Sound for sure had evolved by then. Perhaps had it been released in place of "My Heart Can't Take It No More" it may have done better.

But of course I don't judge my likes or dislikes based on how successful a song is. To my ears "A Breath Taking Guy" is perfect. I love that signature [[at the time) Smokey track, which I always think has this Latin thing mixed in there that I find so appealing. Diana's lead voice is so sweet and sexy at the same time. It's almost hard to believe that this is the same voice on "I Want A Guy" a couple years before. She is definitely becoming more and more in command of her instrument. And the backing vocals are exquisite. I believe if you listen closely you'll hear Diana singing with Flo and Mary. They have a beautiful blend.

Anyone else love this one as much as I do? Anybody recall hearing it played on the radio back then? Anyone ever hear it played on the radio in the last 30/40 years? Interested in reading anyone's memories of this great song.