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    The Jacksons - The Love You Save [[1977)

    Great performance of "The Love You Save" from 1977. I think Marlon does a good job taking Jermaine place.

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    Thanks for posting this. I was playing some of the Jackson Five songs last weekend and enjoy hearing them again. It seems to me that the J5 get very little attention on the forum.

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    Energy level in that performance is something else. Did Marlon take all of Jermaine's parts after Jermaine left, or were they distributed amongst the brothers?

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    Michael almost sang the right tune. Most entertaining though, great vid.

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    Show you the way to go is my favorite from the late 70s "Jacksons" era.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysterysinger View Post
    Michael almost sang the right tune. Most entertaining though, great vid.
    Puberty happens...Even Michael Jackson couldn't have the same voice in 1977 he had
    seven years earlier. Still Michael was one of the few male singers whose fame began
    in childhood who managed to negotiate the change into a successful adult career...

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    Thanks for sharing "Show You The Way". Underrated song.

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    The Jacksons did several of their Motown hits on their variety show. What I enjoy is hearing the twist they put on them when given the freedom to do so. I particularly like the way they sing "Just a little bit of you"

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    Great performance of STOP ! The J5 sure dedicated themselves to their trade. And Marlon sounds /looks good , added some new zest.

    I'd bet Michael's best stage memories were the ones shared with his brothers.

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    My favorite Jacksons track:

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    Interesting that the original video up there [[was it from the The Jacksons variety show?) is "no longer available due to a copyright claim by Henry V. Vaccaro."
    He's the guy who ended up owning a lot of original Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson costumes, memorabilia and merchandise after he fell out with the brothers over a guitar firm deal. There was a whole BBC documentary just about the memorabilia he had in storage and it was an amazing collection. Dunno how he could have turned that into copyright though...


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