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    Broadway-Aimed Four Tops Musical in Development by Original Group Member Abdul 'Duke'

    Great to receive two email's this morning, informing me of a forthcoming FOUR TOPS MUSICAL in development, by original group member Duke Fakir and Producer Paul Lambert.

    It's reported most likely it will be titled after the Four Tops' hit song "Reach Out I'll Be There," the aim is for the show to debut in Detroit, then play London's West End before bowing on Broadway. 'Page Six' reports that casting calls in Los Angeles have been completed and rehearsals are underway.

    Be so inteesting how this develops, and who is cast in the original line up roles of the Four Tops.


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    This is great news and I hope the planned musical about The Four Tops goes through. Thanks to jaybs for sharing!

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    Hi Jaybs!

    This is what H.B. Barnum told me for my Checkmates Ltd. story over one year ago:

    "Right now I’m writing my book, and I’m doing a new Broadway show on the Four Tops. I’m working with Holland & Dozier on it, and Paul Lambert, the producer. I’m going to be writing some of the songs and doing all the arranging.” [[Interview with H.B. conducted on March 28, 2020).

    Best regards

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    I hope this comes to pass!

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    Interesting to see what angle this show takes. Clearly it won't have as many twist and turns as the Temptations.

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    I would personally prefer that Duke write a biography of the Group as Otis did with the Temptations before watching a stage show I would like to read their story than watch a tribute group suck the soul out of the songs as they did with Motown the Musical, I was totally disappointed in that .

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    Thanks Heikki, yes after so long I thought it was just not going to happen, so I just felt it was worth raising it again.

    Book, I seriosuly doubt it will happen, One Late member of the group was all for it, but when it was raised, one person shot the idea down! Did ask a few major Motown book writers, perhaps in years to come, the new members will allow it.


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