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    Quote Originally Posted by smallworld View Post
    And those who seek to prove him wrong should do so, hopefully without resorting to insults.
    Poor Q...Can't finish a sentence without the word "M-'F**ker... Asked about his greatest innovation, his response is "Everything I've done"... Claims he KNOWS Sam Giancana had JFK killed... If he knows and talks about it, you'd think he'd present at least a shred of evidence???... Just Q being Q...Exquisite arranger and producer who has obviously had many experiences with many people, but that does not an "historian" make... Many people in the industry believe he's gone off the deep end, but there are people who will, and have the right to believe anything they read, especially from someone they admire...I'll leave it at that...
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    Quote Originally Posted by StuBass1 View Post
    that does not an "historian" make...
    I never made a claim that Jones is a historian. My response was to a comment about what might best be left unsaid.
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    Here’s an excerpt from another Sly bio that supports splanky’s thesis:


    And for s**ts and giggles, this from the Soulful Detroit archives [featuring commentary from not only splanky, but the late marv2]:


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    James brown and jackie wilson were friends of elvis.

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    Thanks, sansradio...That link I posted above is to the I Want To Take You Higher book
    I referred to Marv back then. Sly liked to stir the pot...

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    Quote Originally Posted by splanky View Post
    Thanks, sansradio...That link I posted above is to the I Want To Take You Higher book
    I referred to Marv back then. Sly liked to stir the pot...
    For sure. He’s a card and a half. The Forum link really drives home how much I miss marv2’s presence.

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    The Google preview above doesn't work for me but if it links to the excerpts below, they don't actually contradict the passage in James' book. David Kapralik was careful enough to state that to his knowledge, Day and Stone met only one time.

    Today, David Kapralik and Steve Paley are both ready to put the myth to rest. "I was Terry Melcher's mentor at Columbia, and we became good friends and remained so through the years," says David. "I introduced Sly to Terry, and several times Terry joined me at Sly's recording sessions. I often visited with Terry and Doris at their home in Beverly Hills, and one day I brought Sly with me to hang out with Terry." "Sly was mainly interested in buying one of her cars," Steve continues. "Sly did go
    to Doris's house, but only to see the car in question, and that's when Terry introduced him to his mother."

    "They had a brief conversation, and then Doris went into the kitchen," David goes on. "While she was out of the room, Sly went to the piano in the living room and began to play `Que Sera, Sera.' Then Doris came out of the kitchen, on her way elsewhere in the
    house, and with Sly accompanying her, she sang a few bars of the song." Steve describes their rendition as "a gospel version," not unlike its delivery on Fresh. "To the best of my knowledge, that is the first and last time Sly and Doris met," attests David, "despite the false and scurrilous tabloid reports that appeared subsequently." "After the song came out, that stupid Sly-Doris Day rumor started," concludes Steve. "It amused Sly at the time, but irritated Doris. Part of the reason this rumor took hold was
    because Doris was supposedly having an affair with Maury Wills, a black L.A. Dodgers baseball player," an item attested to in Wills's 1991 autobiography.

    Among Sly's paramours after Riot and during the making of Fresh was Kathy Silva, a lovely Hawaiian-born aspiring actress and model about ten years his junior. She'd romanced him in the company of her older sister, April, and had befriended Maria
    Boldway during Ria's last stay with Sly. In 1973, Kathy bore Sly a son, Sylvester Bubba Ali Stewart Jr., and the common-law family of three posed for the cover of Small Talk, released the following year.
    The idea of spendthrift Sly Stone eager to buy a secondhand car seems a little odd and indeed he told Mike Douglas that Doris gave him the car, not that he bought it. He's careful to say that he and Day never took each other out. He gives little away when Douglas tries to probe why Doris Day would give him a car.

    2:00 onwards

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    Quote Originally Posted by StuBass1 View Post
    Who really knows about these rumors, etc, however, Etta James, despite her musical legacy was addicted to heroin for much of her adult life, including virtually the entire 60's, as well as arrests for drugs and bad checks... She narrowly escaped a lengthy prison sentence when she and her husband were arrested with a quantity of heroin in the 70's and he took the rap, and a 10 year prison sentence. I generally take unverified and uncorroborated claims by heroin addicts with a pinch of salt...That said, who really knows and who really cares???...As for Quincy, he's made several outrageous and undocumented claims in recent years... Some of those things, even if true, would probably be better left unsaid, including his opinion's about Michael Jackson stealing music, he knows who killed Kennedy, his opinion the Beatles were "terrible musicians", and numerous rumors about the sexuality of several Hollywood stars [[who cares), claim he dated Ivanka Trump [[again who cares)... As for Elvis, spending his formative years in Jim Crow Mississippi, he may have brought certain stereotypes and ingrained prejudices into his early persona, who knows, however, most of his adolescent and adult life was heavily influenced by Black artists and Black culture... He desegregated an amusement park in Memphis and was widely hailed by Black Memphis newspapers at the time as being "indifferent" to, and ignored the racial barriers expected of White performers at the time... He recorded several songs lamenting racial issues like Joe South's Walk A Mile In My Shoes and In The Ghetto...He was generous to a fault lavishing expensive gifts on the likes of Sammy Davis Jr and others, reportedly significantly contributed to Jackie Wilsons hospital bills as Jackie lay in a coma, and was certainly loyal to all those around him in his clique and entourage, including the his Black backup singers that included first The Blossoms and later The Sweet Inspirations who toured with Elvis from 1969 to 1977 [[who re-formed after Elvis death to do Elvis Tribute Shows)... He was accused of making derogatory statements about Blacks in an alleged Edward R Murrow television interview, an interview that never took place and those who knew Elvis stated he would never make such statements... Obviously, some still express bitterness that White artists like Elvis prospered off music they feel belonged to the Black artists who were the early pioneers of the style that became the DNA of Rock & Roll, and built huge financial empires off of it... That said...even Quincy should realize that even he is not the "perfect" human being...
    Thanks Stu! I think you nailed the situation perfectly.

    As far as Etta James is concerned, she was one messed up puppy! Up to the day she died, she was abusing alcohol/substances.

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    very interesting thread !

    now I'm trying to imagine the late night girl talk on the phone between Doris Day and Rock Hudson !


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