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    Introducing TIA CARROLL, a blues & soul vocalist from the Bay area


    Tia's new CD is about to be released.
    Please get acquainted with her:


    Best regards

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    Not bad...might have to check her out. Thanks.

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    Thanks.......I like what I hear so far!

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    Heikki: Thanks for sharing this information. I just noticed that Tia did background vocal work on the very first E C Scott CD back in 1995. Please convey to Tia [[and maybe the word can get back to E C) that I LOVED that woman back in the day, and if there is any way to get more material of hers other than the four CDs she released, then I would be most grateful to learn about how that could be accomplished. A dozen or so years ago, there was talk of a fifth CD coming out, but it never materialized.

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    Hi David!

    Actually this new CD, which will be released in a few days, is her 6th [[+ plus a couple of EPs).
    I guess that you've already checked her website. There you can purchase some of her older CDs, and this upcoming one will be widely available.

    I'll copy your kind message to Tia.

    Best regards

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    In case my message was not clear, it is E C Scott that I wanted to check into. I may also investigate Tia's music, but it was primarily E C that I was inquiring about. Thanks.


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