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    DRATS Funny Girl CD: $7.80 on Amazon

    For those that didn't purchase, or would like a 2nd copy. 72% off!


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    Ordered !!!! Thank you for the info !!

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    Thank you MB!!! I only had one copy and now I have a sealed one for cheap. You're the best!

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    Wow, unbelievable price. Today it's even cheaper, only $7.15! I bought a second set as well. I'm not an Amazon Prime user but when I ordered it they offered free delivery to an Amazon hub [[locker) near me, so I took it. A great deal.

    I have now bought this album at least 4 times - on the original vinyl, on the downloads, on the bootleg single CD, and now the authorized expanded edition [[twice!). Still, it's a great album, a new discovery for me, as I only played the vinyl once I think. Now I have enjoyed it many times since it came out on CD. Unfortunately, not being a person used to listening to downloaded music, and not having a good vehicle to listen to it except my phone, the downloads never even did it for me.

    Thanks for the great find!

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    Down to $6.78.

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    I wonder if the goal is to make it sell out or...?

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    It's now listed at $19.29

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    Quote Originally Posted by marybrewster View Post
    It's now listed at $19.29
    Dropped back down to $13.40.

    More fun than watching the stock market!

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    So pissed I missed the big sale!!!!!! I need that album. I'll just get it for the 13

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    Quote Originally Posted by marybrewster View Post
    Dropped back down to $13.40.

    More fun than watching the stock market!
    Yes, and I’m just as bad at predicting Amazon price fluctuations as I am at the other!

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