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    The Supremes being mentioned on TV shows and movies

    I'm sure this has already been done but on another thread we mentioned how the Supremes were mentioned on Roseanne. I also have watched the entire series of Cheers during the pandemic and they came up in a couple episodes:
    *Sam and Diane have dinner with one of Diane's old school friends. Diane being the nerd she is mentions they're like three classic philosphers together and Sam responds "Yeah or like the Supremes".
    *Carla is depressed after finding out she's gonna be a grandmother so Rebecca, Lilith and cant remember who the third one was go over her house to cheer her up and Carla says to her husband "Would you please get the Supremes out of here!".

    I'm familiar with mentions in TV shows but how about movies?

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    "Bette" - Bette Midler's short lived comedy tv show ..she is sitting on a plane talking about how nervous she is about flying she mentions people like Buddy Holly who died on planes then she mentions Diana the man sitting next to Bette says "But Diana Ross is still alive" Bette Replies "I Know but she seems kind of mean"..
    Man: "I heard she was nice"
    Bette: [[ shouts to friend sitting further back in the plane ) "Connie ! is Diana Ross mean ??"
    Connie;"I dont know i like "Baby Love"
    Bette : "Yeah thats a good song "

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    I don't think they get name-checked but it's pretty obvious who Whoopi Goldberg was supposed to be in 'Jumping Jack Flash' when she faked her way into the party at the embassy [[?) wearing a wig, a sequin-studded dress and played that cassette tape.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Levi Stubbs Tears View Post
    I don't think they get name-checked but it's obvious who Whoopi Goldberg was supposed to be in 'Jumping Jack Flash' when she faked her way into the party at the embassy [[?) wearing her sequin-studded dress and put on the cassette tape.
    They are named checked in " sister act" when whoopi promises to return to see the nuns at the movies end..one of the nuns says " that's what diana said to the supremes.."

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    in Friends when the group goes to Barbados, Monica's hair, due to humidity, curls up to a giant mane of wild tresses. She hurries at one point over to Phoebe and Rachel and tells them she has a secret to share. Phoebe askes "Are you leaving the Supremes?"

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    I'm bending the rules somewhat; however, wasn't Cindy Birdsong mentioned by Bernice on an episode of Designing Women?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jobucats View Post
    I'm bending the rules somewhat; however, wasn't Cindy Birdsong mentioned by Bernice on an episode of Designing Women?
    By Anthony. He was attending an all female camping excursion and dressed in "drag" and says his name is Cindy Birdsong.

    DW also had another episode where the main 4 cast members lipsynch to the Supremes "Ain't No Mountain High Enough".

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    My favorite clip

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    There was a time when Bette Midler liked Diana. The night I went to the Palace Theatre in New York to see An Evening With Diana Ross, I was in the third or fourth row and Bette was sitting in the row behind mine, and one or two seats south of mine. I first noticed her at intermission, when I stood to stretch, and I also noticed her after the show was over, so she must have enjoyed at least some of the show! It could be that if she was afraid, it was because she feared she would be mobbed if she stood a moment and called attention to herself. She was quite petite, so mobs could be intimidating.

    Shirley MacLaine was among other celebrities in the audience that night and I spoke with her a moment, getting her autograph as we filed out. She did not say the concert was the best she had ever seen or that she was afraid, so I had no true indication how she felt about Diana or the show itself, but she did seem gracious and enthusiastic as people approached her. She looked great! She was wearing an outfit with a small print design, maybe tiny pink and orange flowers on a navy background. [[Bette wore a white baby doll type dress which caused her complexion to look very washed out and pale.)

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    Diana and Bette have had their ups and downs - in the late 70's both ladies were friends with Cher and she was able to bring them together [[along with Elton John) for a night out in New York were the saw a play and went to a night club..Cher said she was surprised they both went with her as they "didnt get along"
    In Bette's 1990's Vegas show Midler made a joke - "I learned this from [[speaking in a mock tone) Miss Ross...if ya wanna be a diva you have to act like one"
    Bette attended Diana's 75th birthday party so its nice to know they finally get along


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