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    Supremes magic genie sequence

    For those who haven't heard it, go to about 26:45 on this. It's the number right after "Mercedes Benz". The sequence starts out good with them harmonizing on the standard "Dream". And then the genie "appears". In highsight, instead of a genie and doing Marilyn, Josephine and Bessie, they could have continued in the vein of "Dream" and sing a medley of songs about dreams. Too bad Sweet Dream Machine hadn't been recorded yet as that could have anchored it.

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    i agree that this was too "old supremes." They might of just as well have done Millie/rose/Mame again.

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    Who decided "Mercedes Benz" was appropriate for the Supremes in concert and television? Makes zero sense. That country twang is offensive to the ears.

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    Marybrewster--I am far from PC, anything but, but I have to admit that as a twangy Texan, Mercedes Benz seems a little overdone. Those fake accents don't sound like us. At least get the accent right. That being said, who cares? Hee hee!

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    I think the supremes were on to something. The three degrees and Diana Ross did something similar by presenting each lady in a solo number. Of course Diana presented each character herself which came in 1976.
    But if we're going to give credit think about the leading lady segment in GIT.

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    i think the idea of giving each Supreme a spotlight segment is great. I just think the material they selected and the women they selected lacks modern relevance.

    Diana did her segment highlighting Ethel and the others as a "where i came from" segment of her shows in 76. the director of the show and diana built out this sort of journey using some of these legends and precursors which then led into the motown segment. so you have this retrospective approach, so it works a bit better. Also Diana was firmly established with the pop culture and audiences. So she had the ability to explore and take some liberties.

    the supremes though did this as a smaller, stand-alone segment of the show. they sort of make a couple quick lines in the genie skit about liking their star or having something in common. but that's it. And you have the supremes at this time desperately trying to reinvent themselves and to return to some relevance, trying to be modern and current. doing a big segment focusing on former stars doesn't really correspond with this

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    I wonder who came up with concept and decided who each lady would portray

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    i believe Geoffrey Holder helped come up with this. he was a big broadway and dance presence in NYC, also a choreographer. that could also be where the new choreography came from. like on Tonight/We've only just begun with MSS.


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