Despite feeling bad for poor Flo, I am a HUGE Diana Ross fan. I would check out Flo's and Diana's biographies at the library and read both of them. I read the recent Diana Ross biography but not the more well-know "Call Her Miss Ross" [[I did read Secrets of a Sparrow and yes she doesn't go into her personal problems with the Supremes in-depth).

So, when I just got into the Supremes and Diana Ross, I proposed an OUTRAGEOUS idea for a film starring The Boss. I later found out that some of the story elements was already used for the DR episode of The Muppet Show.

Without further ado, here you go. This is mostly from memory. I added a few liberties to my original treatment just cause I know better.


At my alma mater, Doug Wilcox is teaching kids in Media Lit about Motown and how it changed culture. So they go on a field trip to the Motown Museum in Detroit. On the way there they complain how it is similar to the [[now defuncct) Kellogg's Cereal City Museum and the like. They arrive, and the tour guide asks what is their favorite Motown act. Many respond with "The Supremes" or "Diana Ross and the Supremes". One kid only likes the California Raisins and complains so. When entering Studio A, none other than Diana Ross herself shows up. Missing her fun learning at Cass Technical, she simply wants to go visit the class because of "Reflections of....the way life used to be".. [[Corny, ain't it?). So she spends a few days at my...ahem, when a call for help is needed. We see a ambigously autistic girl [[played by a neruotypical actress which is one of the reasons this idea was later almost buried until now), who dies of a seizure after sneaking in a commercial VHS tape of a cartoon whose opening contains a lot of flashing [[it was an American cartoon which opening was farmed at as Midwestern American studio). Heartbroken, the school does a fundraising project [[think GoFundMe but the old fashioned way). Diana agrees to sponsor it. Then we meet our antagonist, Cornell, an egotistical dancer who breaks world records on both arcade and Playstation 3 [[yes this script is THAT old) with perfect dances on Dance Dance Revolution, as well as exhausting himself with outrageous dancing [[I believe he didn't make it on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance). Anyways, he wants revenge on Diana Ross because of what she did to Flo and can also prove he's more talented than Diana. Donations for the late girl with autism go so high. Cornell headlines the act with his overworked dance moves and loud pop music blasting.He does a variety of styles and overworks himself. The students throw garbage at Cornell and boo him and shout "No Talent"!. Then all of a sudden, when all hope is lost, Diana Ross barges out of the opening curtain with "I'm Coming Out". Then everyone sings "Stop! In the Name of Love"


Deleted Ending: A RTL-style ending where Mary and Cindy come out and sing with Diana "Stop! In the Name of Love". I wanted the more realistic ending at first but someone came up with that not knowing the RTL controversy. I bounced back and forth between the Diana cut and the RTL cut.

What do you think? I don't think it would get made today because of things like the movie "Music", plus I didn't go to the Motown Museum at the time of making that idea. Plus the throwaway joke about California Raisins and the idea of visiting my school. Remember, my school was the filming location of TWO movies, until a certain governer defunded the film office. [[But I don't want to get too political).

So what do you think of the movie idea, would it get made around that time?