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    There's A Place For Us___question

    was there a reason the newer supreme's CD "There's A Place For Us" CD didn't sport the title track? i have the title track on a bootleg and it's not live, but a studio recording and it sounds wonderful.

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    Good question! I have no idea.

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    There is actually a song called There's A Place For Us still unreleased by the Supremes?

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    I think the song is actually "Somewhere" from West Side Story.

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    yes, very much so, Aaron! in getting ready for the final sessions, i decided to go through my records and cassettes and cds to see what's left and i came across the track. i also noticed that in the last pages of the liner notes that came with "lost and found" is a list of songs in the vault that fans have talked about. these songs the vault guys either have no record of, or no vocals on, or recorded by other artists. this helps to narrow things down, a bit. what's "not" listed must still be available for future release!

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    Quote Originally Posted by randy_russi View Post
    I think the song is actually "Somewhere" from West Side Story.
    that would sure make sense. i noticed in going over titles from bootleg suppliers that the actual song titles must have been "guessed" and i came up with "duplicates". Good Spot!!

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    Well if Andy and company don't have the song in the vault maybe a good fan could send them the song for inclusion on the More Hits By The Supremes deluxe cd? That would be very cool.

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    Randy is thinking "Somewhere" is the same song as "There's A Place For Us" as all those words are in the released song "Somewhere". and "somewhere" is on the cd "There's a place for us". Listening to my bootleg, it's the same song.
    it just goes to show that it takes another pair of ears as there are so many releases on the girls!

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    Well darn it all...LOL. I sort of figured that.

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    Well, there you go...

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    Presumably we are talking about this song .....



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    Now that I think about it I think there was some confusion about the song many many years ago.

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    well i was born many many years ago so it was probably me that time, too

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    Ramone Verona Guest
    Are we sure we're not confusing this with "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"?
    Or "Somewhere We'll Be Together"?
    Or "Somewhere My Price Will Come"?

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    Oh please, Ramona, don't take this "confusion" any further. LOL...
    Everybody in his or her right mind KNOWS we're talking about the song "Somewhere" from West Side Story, written by Leonard bernstein & Stephen Sondheim. It was a duet between Maria and Tony. The girls made the song sound like a plea for understanding of black people. That's why it became such an anchor in their repertoire.
    Even the UK's Queen Mom in 1968 had to undergo the treatment... Diana took the lyrics even further in that Royal Command Performace, talking about Martin Luther King's famous speech I Have A Dream.


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