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    Kleeer "The Atlantic Collection 1979-1985" 8CD box set

    Kleeer "The Atlantic Collection 1979-1985" 8CD box set [[Robinsongs UK)
    Robinsongs bring you the complete Atlantic Collection of the Soul, Funk & Disco band Kleeer plus a bonus disc of 12” & 7” versions of key tracks. Releasedate june 18,2021

    The albums are “I Love To Dance”, “Winners”, “License To Dream”, “Taste The Music”, “Get Ready”, “Intimate Connection”, “Seeekret” and as mentioned a bonus disc of tracks from 1979 through 1985.

    All the big floor fillers are featured, including the John Wayne influenced ‘Get Tough’, ‘Winners’, ‘Tonight’s The Night [[Good Time)’, ‘Keep Your Body Workin’’, ‘De Ting Continues’ and the very smooth ‘Intimate Connection’ which was produced by Deodato.

    Kleeer formed in New York City in 1972 under the name of Pipeline. They then became the Jam Band before Kleeer was born and a deal with Atlantic Records followed.

    The band consisted of Paul Crutchfield [[Percussion & Vocals), Richard Lee [[Guitar), Norman Durham [[Bass Guitar) & “Woody” Cunningham [[Drums).

    Kleeer tracks have been heavily sampled over the years, most notably by Snoop Dogg & 2 Pac.

    Sleeve notes by Charles Waring who writes for MOJO & Record Collector magazines.

    If you missed Kleeer first time around, and love the music from that era… then this is for you!

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    [CD1: I Love To Dance]
    1. Tonight’s The Night [[Good Time)
    2. Keep Your Body Workin’
    3. Happy Me
    4. I Love To Dance
    5. It’s Magic
    6. To Groove You
    7. Amour
    8. Kleeer Sailin’

    [CD2: Winners]
    1. Winners
    2. I Still Love You
    3. Your Way
    4. Close To You
    5. Rollin’ On
    6. Nothin’ Said
    7. Hunger For Your Love
    8. Open Your Mind

    [CD3: License To Dream]
    1. De Kleeer Ting
    2. Running Back To You
    3. Sippin’ & Kissin’
    4. Hypnotized
    5. Kleeer
    6. License To Dream
    7. Get Tough
    8. Say You Love Me
    9. Where Would I Be [[Without Your Love)

    [CD4: Get Ready]
    1. Get Ready
    2. Pritty Things
    3. Slidin’ & Glidin’
    4. Stonseee
    5. She Said She Loves Me
    6. Say You’ll Stay
    7. Your Love Is What I Need

    [CD5: Taste The Music]
    1. Taste The Music
    2. I’ve Had Enough [[Can’t Take Anymore)
    3. De Ting Continues
    4. Wall To Wall
    5. I Shall Get Over
    6. Fella
    7. Swann
    8. Affirmative Mood

    [CD6: Intimate Connection]
    1. Ride It
    2. You Did It Again
    3. Go For It
    4. Intimate Connection
    5. Next Time It’s For Real
    6. Break
    7. Tonight
    8. Do You Want To?

    [CD7: Seeekret]
    1. Take Your Heart Away
    2. You Got Me Rockin’
    3. Lay Ya Down Ez
    4. Seeekret
    5. Do Not Lie To Me
    6. Never Cry Again
    7. Call My Name

    [CD8: Bonus Tracks]
    1. Keeep Your Body Workin’ [[Instrumental)
    2. Open Your Mind [[Single Version)
    3. Winners [[12” Single Version)
    4. Tonight’s The Night [[Good Time) [[Single Version)
    5. Winners [[Single Version)
    6. Tonight’s The Night [[Good Time) [[12” Version)
    7. Get Tough [[Single Version)
    8. Running Back To You [[Single Version)
    9. She Said She Loves Me [[Single Version)
    10. Intimate Connection [[Single Version)
    11. Taste The Music [[Instrumental)
    12. De Ting Continues [[Single Version)
    13. Never Cry Again [[Dub)
    14. Next Time It’s For Real [[Single Version)
    15. Never Cry Again [[Vocal / Remixed Long Version)
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