Robinsongs bring you a career-defining four CD set of one of the greatest Soul harmony groups The Whispers.

This box set covers their Janus & Solar Records recording career spanning from 1972 through 1987.

Includes all their biggest hits including their two R&B Number 1’s ‘And The Beat Goes On’ and ‘Rock Steady’, and their Top 10 R&B hits ‘One For The Money’, ‘Make It With You’, ‘[Let’s Go] All The Way’, ‘Lady’, ‘It’s A Love Thing’, ‘In The Raw’, ‘Tonight’, ‘Keep On Lovin’ Me’ and ‘Contagious’.

The Whispers formed in 1963 in Watts, Los Angeles. The band consisted of twin brothers Walter & Wallace “Scotty” Scott, Gary Harmon, Marcus Hutson & Nicholas Caldwell. Gary Harmon left the band and was replaced by Leavell Degree in 1973.

The Whispers also secured two Top 10 hits in the U.K. and charted another seven tracks that are all featured in this box set.

In 2013 they were presented a lifetime achievement award for their 50 years in the industry, and in 2014 The Whispers were inducted into the official R&B Music Hall Of Fame.

This package includes comprehensive sleeve notes by Lois Wilson.

1. Your Love Is So Doggone Good
2. You Fill My Life With Music
3. Can’t Help But Love You
4. If You
5. A Mother For My Children
6. Don’t Take Your Love
7. Crackel Jack
8. P.O.W.-M.I.A.
9. Does She Care
10. I Love The Way You Make Me Feel
11. Bingo
12. Once More With Feeling
13. What More Can A Girl Ask
14. You’re What’s Been Missing In My Life
15. All I Ever Do Is Dream About You
16. One For The Money
17. Put Me In The News
18. Sounds Like A Love Song
19. In My Heart

1. Make It With You
2. Open Up Your Love
3. You Never Miss Your Water
4. In Love Forever
5. I Fell In Love Last Night [[At The Disco)
6. Headlights
7. [Olivia] Lost And Turned Out
8. [Let’s Go] All The Way
9. Planets Of Life
10. Try And Make It Better
11. Home Made Lovin’
12. Whisper In Your Ear
13. Can’t Do Without Love
14. A Song For Donny
15. My Girl
16. Lady

1. And The Beat Goes On [12” Version]
2. Can You Do The Boogie
3. Out Of The Box
4. It’s A Love Thing
5. Imagination
6. Say You [Would Love For Me To]
7. I Can Make It Better
8. Up On Soul Train
9. In The Raw
10. Turn Me Out
11. Emergency
12. Love Is Where You Find It
13. This Kind Of Lovin’
14. I’m The One For You

1. Keep On Lovin’ Me
2. Love For Love
3. Try It Again
4. This Time
5. Tonight
6. Contagious
7. Some Kind Of Lover
8. Never Too Late
9. Special F/X
10. Rock Steady
11. Just Gets Better With Time
12. In The Mood
Bonus Tracks:
13. Funky Christmas
14. Happy Holidays To You

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