I know the story goes that this LP was originally conceived as a vehicle for Wanda's solo career, but fearing Wanda's name [[and voice) weren't marketable, it was changed to a Marvelettes release. This angered Ann and Katherine [[who hadn't participated much in the recording), and they refused to participate in a photoshoot for the cover photo.

So here's the $64,000.00 question: Motown, by this time, did whatever the heck it wanted. So why didn't they just use an archived photo of Wanda, Katherine, and Ann? There had to have been something suitable taken within the last year that the group was together?

Were Katherine and Ann still under contract at Motown? Or had they disbanded by this time? If they were still under contract, could they really have refused in the promotion of this release? If they had disbanded, didn't it seem suspicious that suddenly there was a new release from the group?