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    RIP Greg Jacobs AKA Shock G AKA Humpty Hump

    Loved this man's creations and affiliations...


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    This past month has been like a hip-hop apocalypse. RIP, Shock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sansradio View Post
    This past month has been like a hip-hop apocalypse. RIP, Shock.
    Without a doubt, sansradio. A type of music I grew to really love! RIP

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    Shock brought theater, humour, identity, cultural pride, consciousness and musicianship to
    hip hop like no one before or after him. With No Nose Job he addressed human vainity,
    with Heartbeat Props he proposed celebrating our pioneers while they were still living instead waiting til they passed. With his Sons of The P release he did just that with
    George Clinton himself as a guest on the title track. Shock created his own mythology
    fooling even record industry into believing he and his Humpty Hump character were two
    different in real life. Shock was also a real musician , another of his aliases Piano Man
    being he himself displaying his abilities. Still most of people offering condolences most
    know him for introducing the world to Tupac Shakur...


    Yea, he did that too...RIP

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    Very sad news. I remember getting the Sex Packets album like it was yesterday. Tommy Boy had released De La Soul previously and this felt a bit like an extension of that vibe. Hip Hop made me smile a lot back then. There was a version of No Nose Job which heavily sampled I wish - Stevie Wonder. Need to dig that out over the weekend I feel. Shock news indeed, RIP sir.

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    I still listen to De La Soul's catalog. In fact a lot of 90's hip hop. But hip hop is largely
    the province of the young. I'm not trying to keep up with all of the trends and fads or
    changes in language, new slang and such. Plus I have this addiction to natural voices
    full melodies, harmony and chord progressions. Shock G who played keyboards could
    give me some of that. Queen Latifah, I wish would get back to singing. But I can't be
    chasing all these new mic droppers around today....

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    I don't want to divert from what is essentially a memorial thread for Shock G, but I tend to share your opinion. The 90s stuff had so many samples, I probably wasn't really taking the rap in a lot of the time. Great time but I'm also too old for the contemporary mode

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    He was a one of kind creative force in early Hip Hop. RIP Shock G.


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