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    Diana Ross Tattoos

    Name:  diana tat 1.jpg
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Size:  7.7 KBName:  diana tat 2.jpg
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    came across these..thoughts ?

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    Since you asked........the second one looks ghastly and the fourth one is not much better!

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    2nd looks more like Bern Nadette Stanis [[Thelma from Good Times)

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    As a non-artist, I think they did a good job. These aren’t photographs. I can barely draw a circle.

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    An acquaintance of mine has the most tasteful, subtle and ingenious tat of Diana; it's simply a very small outline of the Forever Diana drawing on the back of the box set [arms upraised, mane of hair thrown back] on his upper arm.

    Name:  140EB988-46D1-430D-B470-373A0EC73EA4.jpeg
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    #2 looks like she has a moustache.


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