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    The Temptations "You've Made Me So Very Happy" on The Ed Sullivan Show

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    Wow. Now THAT'S a hot mess. The hip-swivel-boogie-dip at 2:35, right??

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    Great clip; Thanks jack020 for sharing [and yes PNH, that "hip-swivel-boogie-dip" at the 2 & half minute mark was Somethin' Else].

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    1967 -- Ah, I remember it well. What fun. They were probably followed by a plate spinning act or Señor Wences.

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    Of course I have to add that the guys sound great and sure do look good!

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    What an odd song for the Temptations to perform on Sullivan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack020 View Post
    Just read the Wikipedia entry. Yes, Motown, co-written by Berry Gorde. No mention of the Temptations, who had dozens of other hits. Good question, SatansBlues. Brenda Holloway and Blood, Sweat & Tears both charted with "You've Made Me So Very Happy."

    However, the performance on Sullivan was very entertaining. Great choreography.
    Thank you, Cholly Atkins -- per Ralph.]

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    As Sullivan was a variety show it wasn't unusual for artists to performs the hits of others as well as their own, something they did in concert as well. In another Sullivan performance, the Tempts did a medley of current hits including I'LL BE THERE and MY SWEET LORD.
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    Big smile. Thanks, reese.

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    LOL... I never realized that Sullivan allowed lip syncing on his show...Perhaps an exception for big production numbers...And Carol Kaye could have flown to New York and played that recording session, and intimated to the public that she played on YMMSVH suggesting that she was a member of Blood Sweat & Tears...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeaceNHarmony View Post
    Wow. Now THAT'S a hot mess. The hip-swivel-boogie-dip at 2:35, right??
    I agree, it was hard to sit through this when it originally aired.


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