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    Rueben Howell Motown 1228 Picture Sleeve?

    Has anyone come across this P/S [[Below) 45 Motown 1228? "I'll See You Through"

    Motown 1228 is hardly a picture sleeve as just a plain paper sleeve with his printed signature [[Same both sides) .
    I have only ever seen one copy of this same p/s for sale on Ebay some years back, it was listed for months and not sure if it sold or not. I do know one of the Forum members also has a copy of the same or similar p/s. I've not seen many more and its not listed in with the Motown P/S issues.

    His 2nd Motown 45 [[popular on the Northern Soul scene) Motown 1274 has a black & white full face photo picture sleeve. From Memory he had issued four 45's & two albums for Motown. Sadly Rueben Howell died in 2004 aged 59 from a heart attack.

    Anyone else seen it before or got a similar copy? I understand that there are slight variants?
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    ...the only Rueben Howell picture sleeve I've come across online is this one...

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    Thanks yes got that one & it is detailed as a Picture Sleeve in Bartlettes Book.

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    My copy of Motown 1228, which I bought new when it first came out, just has a plain white paper sleeve, no signature.
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    My copy has a similar sleeve to Graham's picture above with the stamp oriented a little different. I did find another copy of the sleeve at a record store in Grand Rapids a little before the pandemic started, but I didn't buy it and didn't think to check what record was inside. I always assumed it was the correct "picture" sleeve for 1228, but there really are no identifying marks to confirm.


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