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    CD Reissue Wishlist: Jennifer Holliday - Say You Love Me album

    This is one fantastic album that is on my CD reissue wishlist. I especially love her covers of "He's a Pretender" and "Come Sunday". "No Frills Love", "Hard Time For Lovers" and "You're the One" [[co-written by Michael Jackson) are also stand-outs. It's sad that this album has yet to make an appearance on CD or digital.

    I am hearing more and more from those on the inside of the album reissue biz that the major record companies are greenlighting fewer and fewer licensing deals with third-party reissue labels. I guess the majors are now keeping a tighter grip on their intellectual properties and copyrights these days. Not sure why this is the case, if they aren't going to bothering with making an effort to put something out on a streaming platform themselves? This album is a good example. I was just checking Wikipedia and it listed Jennifer Holliday as one of the artists who's master tapes were destroyed in Universal's vault fire in 2008. Perhaps this is why we haven't seen this album appear online.

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    It is a great album. I love all the tracks you've cited, Carlo. I also really love the title song. I heard Jennifer's version before I heard D.J. Roger's original. Natalie Cole recorded it also. It is a great song that holds up well with each rendition. Jennifer has the definitive version.

    It's curious that this didn't make it to CD but "Get Close To My Love" was reissued. Seems like SoulMusic would have picked up on this one.

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    This is one album that I have long wanted to be released on cd. For the most part, I find Jennifer's albums to be uneven. But saying that, this one still has some great moments, the title track amongst them. Considering her other Geffen albums made it to cd, I always found it strange that this one didn't. Her other two Geffen albums made it to cd many years ago. I don't think the 2008 fire had any bearing on those reissues, but I suppose it could be a consideration now.

    It just seems that for some reason, some companies hold one album back from cd reissue. For instance, CBS had three Labelle album in its catalog. They released NIGHTBIRDS and CHAMELEON on cd years ago. But PHOENIX wasn't released for several years. Ditto for Natalie Cole and Capitol. For the longest time, all of her albums were on cd with the exception of the most popular one, UNPREDICTABLE. Never understood this.
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    I wholeheartedly agree. It's a very satisfying sophomore collection. It also earned Jennifer her second Grammy [for her spectacular rendition of Duke Ellington's "Come Sunday"], making the fact of its non-digital release all the more curious.

    It's been said that most of the Universal archive had been digitized before the fire, so hope springs eternal.

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    While performing at an Atlantis cruise several years ago Jennifer talked about trying to get a cd release for this album.
    Maybe David Nathan can help here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack020 View Post
    While performing at an Atlantis cruise several years ago Jennifer talked about trying to get a cd release for this album.
    Maybe David Nathan can help here?
    I was told that they had tried. It sounds like Universal is being very stiff these days with their licenses to third party reissue labels. I read an article in recent years that Sony is now following suit. I tend to wonder if this is also why we didn't end up getting the Jones Girls anthology that was announced last year? A very disappointing state of affairs.


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