This is one fantastic album that is on my CD reissue wishlist. I especially love her covers of "He's a Pretender" and "Come Sunday". "No Frills Love", "Hard Time For Lovers" and "You're the One" [[co-written by Michael Jackson) are also stand-outs. It's sad that this album has yet to make an appearance on CD or digital.

I am hearing more and more from those on the inside of the album reissue biz that the major record companies are greenlighting fewer and fewer licensing deals with third-party reissue labels. I guess the majors are now keeping a tighter grip on their intellectual properties and copyrights these days. Not sure why this is the case, if they aren't going to bothering with making an effort to put something out on a streaming platform themselves? This album is a good example. I was just checking Wikipedia and it listed Jennifer Holliday as one of the artists who's master tapes were destroyed in Universal's vault fire in 2008. Perhaps this is why we haven't seen this album appear online.