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    Wicked wilson pickett

    Ya know gang,one of the greatest soul shouters ever was the great[wilson pickett]who doesn't seem to get mentioned much,now we all now his story-from the falcons to his long solo career and his running fueds with[james brown-percy sledge]i was lucky enough to see him perform and the man put on a show,do you have a favorite pickett tune? For me it's the soul-macho of[don't knock my love]a soul legend-just a shout out!!

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    One of my favorites, Jai. I couldn't tell you what my favorite Wilson Pickett song is because I have so many that I love. Maybe the only singer from Memphis/Muscle Shoals with a voice that was as soulful as Otis Redding's.

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    I agree with both of you. A great voice.

    So..do either of you remember the 1991 movie: "The Commitments?" Guy from Dublin decides to form a R&B band, which consisted of all white musicians. They had very little experience with R&B music. The "self-promoter" in the band wanted a sound that was like his idol, Wilson Pickett. A really hilarious movie.

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    I never watched it but I remember picking up a album with the original songs on it. I had most of them on vinyl but it was a cassette that I listened to for weeks. I recently rewatched the Muscle Shoals documentary and enjoyed the brief introduction to Wilson Pickett on it, even though it didn't talk about how complex he was. "Wicked" was an accurate description according to some. He once pulled a gun on Percy Sledge over a perceived slight even though everybody knew that Sledge didn't have a disrespectful bone in his body.

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    If the movie ever comes on, Jerry, you may like it.

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    Haaaaaaaaa, that percy sledge fight happened when percy said that pickett sounded like james brown[whom pickett hated]legend has it that someone stepped between them which kept pickett from getting knocked out[sledge was also a boxer]i know a musician who once toured with pickett and he told a story of the time pickett got on the bus and told the driver to take off,because some woman's husband was after him,haaaaaaa...wicked pickett!!!

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    Looks like he earned his nickname, R&B!!!!


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