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    link for marvin gaye the master and includes video with tammi and now only 9.99

    it appears that my whole laptop screen was on the link so i binned it again
    sorry for all the messing around
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    It doesn't include any videos! It's only 9.99 compared to Amazon's price of 21.99.
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    the email i got has 3 vids "aint no mountain" with tammi and 2 other solo hits
    i'll keep it and if anyone knows how to put the email with links on here without all my inbox appearing i'll be happy to share it on here

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    Hi, re-read the email. I have it too. It's only advertising the links to You Tube. You don't get any videos.

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    i hadnt seen them yet i got in a state about my email inbox all over sdf!
    i sent you a message i put the link in there aswell and i got vids on it

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    Have just replied. Yes the message has videos but you can't buy them - it's just links to You Tube.

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    yeah i know those vids are not for sale,i though they might be worth seeing tho'
    where does it say youtube btw.seems a bit odd for universal to use youtube vids when they must have their own archive

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    Right, here's the link which should be free of any personal data.


    They will despatch abroad but of course the p&p plus customs charges may not make it a good proposition.

    It doesn't say You Tube but that's where the links to the videos takes you.
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