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    Left parentheses "banned". Use [square brackets] instead.

    Gremlins are at work on SoulfulDetroit!

    For some weird reason, using a
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    in titles to threads suddenly started creating an issue where clicking/tapping a thread title with a left parentheses mark fails to open the thread and instead leads to a page reading:


    You do not have permission to access this document.

    As a workaround, until we find the solution, we discovered that by using the forum software’s censoring function to ‘ban’ the left parenthesis mark we can cause it to be replaced with a double left square bracket [[. [But we can’t yet figure out how to make that a single bracket. Sheesh!]

    So, if you wish to put words in parentheses, in thread titles or posts, use [square brackets] instead. If you forget and use a left parenthesis, it will automatically be overwritten with the double left bracket [[.

    You will also notice that all instances where a left parentheses were used in past posts or thread titles are now replaced by double left brackets.

    So, as our Brit friends might say…
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    Thanks for posting this. I couldn't access certain posts [404 error] and thought the problem was on my end.

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    Great work! Thanks a million.

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    Thanks for figuring this out, there have been several threads I was unable to access as of late.
    Now if we could just get the "turn off your ad block" message I get all the time fixed, even though I'm not using ad block on this site, I'd be an even happier camper!

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    Thanks to Lowell for the 'heads up'. After reading your post, I know why an article that I posted recently got relegated to a 'forbidden-you don't have permission to access this document' message.
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    Thanks for this tip Lowell.

    I wondered why a thread I started kept giving me that error hen trying to view it!



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    lol - I sent an email to Ralph about the 404 error a few weeks ago [[and then discovered a work-around myself).

    Last night when I posted a new thread, I experienced the parentheses issue [[just look up! lol) and was going to email about this too lol - glad I didn't bother any of the admins.


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