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    Southbound freeway.

    Here is a song that came out of Tera Shirma a few years back. The band was an interesting group, two of which left Harvard to start a Rock & Roll band. Yes, their high achieving Jewish parents were so proud. But the song is excellent, vocally and lyrically. However I would lose the record by releasing it at a time when record pressing was on hold due to a strike. I was talked into the release and the band appeared on a local music show and blew everyone away. But timing is everything and by the time I had product the momentum dried up.
    The song would eventually go through a couple of more labels but it was too late. Nada. But check it out. I had high hopes for this band at one time.

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    "Southbound Freeway / Psychedelic Used Car Lot Blues" -- great song. Should have been a hit. Produced by our old friend Fred Saxon.

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    good stuff!! love this line about the car:

    It was owned by a famous rock n roll star who only drove it to the bank each day.

    ha ha my kinda lyric ![[ fun .... sort of Alley Oop meets California Soul sounding)

    looks like the one guy is sleeved way back then .....

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    Boogie, there's more. The dude with the shades was nearly 7 feet tall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ralpht View Post
    Boogie, there's more. The dude with the shades was nearly 7 feet tall.
    they're kind of tannic ...like Frank Zappa

    any particular reason this keeps coming up after it when listening on youtube?

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    I wonder if that is The Pack of Terry Knight fame? why it is there I'm clueless.


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