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Thread: Who was CMA?

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    Who was CMA?

    I've noticed that some of the later Motown Corp. artist promotional photos have the large CMA logo at the bottom with the artist info. Could someone tell me which booking company this was/is? I've looked before but never came up with an answer. Some earlier photos have the GAC logo, General Artists Corporation.
    Thanks for any info.

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    I believe it was Creative Management Associates, headed by Freddie Fields.

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    According to an article in the New York Times on March 11, 1968:

    The General Artists Corporation and Creative Management Associates, Ltd., two leading talent agencies, announced yesterday that they would merge. The merger will be effected by the exchange of an undisclosed amount of stock, the statement said, and a new talent agency named CMA will be formed. The parent concern will be called GAC, Inc

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    Thank you both, I appreciate the quick answers!

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    I looked through one of my Motown photo binders and noticed I have a Supremes promo photo of the same image with both companies. This photo must have been released during the changeover to CMA so was released with both imprints. The older GAC photo also has ITMI information, while the CMA has the IMC on Woodward Ave info.

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    CMA was formed by freddie fields and david begelman their first major client was judy garland at her early 1960s peak begelman began a disastrous personal relationship with garland she later accused him of embezzling funds from her over the supposed existence of a tabloid picture of the star partially nude after a suicide attempt.. begelman kept the hush money from the debacle and years later he would face other embezzlement charges at another company


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