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    PayPal problems


    I wanted to donate to this great forum through PayPal, but encountered a very strange problem. I'm not able to log-in to PayPal. They want me to send a confirmation code over the phone, but they call to the numbers that haven't been in existence for years by now. And I can't change those numbers, because I'm not able to log-in. This is quite absurd. Of course, nobody at Paypal can't be reached, neither over the phone nor by email.

    Has any one you encountered this same problem?

    I don't want to spread my credit card information here and there, so that's why I wish to use only PayPal.
    If there's no solution, then I have to put a temporary stop to my book, records etc. purchases from abroad, for a certain period anyway.

    Best regards

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    Dear friends!

    I finally found a specialist at PayPal to chat with me and correct the situation. Hooray!

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    Paying for items has been crazy for a while. I donate to 11 charities & colleges during November each year. Two of them have become weird. So I don't give them by credit card or personal check. I still want to donate, so I only send them a U. S. postal order. This doesn't help you, living in another country. But I am very very careful to whom I send my credit card info or my banking check numbers.

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    Glad you got help, Heikki. And thank you for thinking of Soulful Detroit.

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    Thank you, Ralph!

    There's another not so pleasant but on the other hand logical obstacle in the way of purchasing records, books etc. on the internet. Starting from July this year VAT is added to all the purchases outside the EU [[incl. the USA and UK).

    Best regards


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