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Thread: PayPal problems

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    PayPal problems


    I wanted to donate to this great forum through PayPal, but encountered a very strange problem. I'm not able to log-in to PayPal. They want me to send a confirmation code over the phone, but they call to the numbers that haven't been in existence for years by now. And I can't change those numbers, because I'm not able to log-in. This is quite absurd. Of course, nobody at Paypal can't be reached, neither over the phone nor by email.

    Has any one you encountered this same problem?

    I don't want to spread my credit card information here and there, so that's why I wish to use only PayPal.
    If there's no solution, then I have to put a temporary stop to my book, records etc. purchases from abroad, for a certain period anyway.

    Best regards

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    Dear friends!

    I finally found a specialist at PayPal to chat with me and correct the situation. Hooray!

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    Paying for items has been crazy for a while. I donate to 11 charities & colleges during November each year. Two of them have become weird. So I don't give them by credit card or personal check. I still want to donate, so I only send them a U. S. postal order. This doesn't help you, living in another country. But I am very very careful to whom I send my credit card info or my banking check numbers.


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