there seems to be a bit of fun chatter about SL and NW, both here and on FB. figured i'd pull out the ol' excel sheet with all of the chart data and we can dig in a bit on these. they're quite interesting runs

Stoned Love was released on Oct 15, 1970

it entered the charts on Nov 7, which is typical. and maybe that's even a bit faster than other songs. usually it was a month delay from release to first chart action

first chart entry was #61. that's a little lower than some other releases but definitely not out of the ordinary. You Keep Me Hangin entered at 68, someday entered at 50.

the chart history is:

61 - 48- 22- 21 - 20 - 12 - 7 - 7 - 8 - 8 - 8 - 12 - 21 -26

so in the first 3 weeks it shot up to 22. the Tom Jones show aired 11/13 which very likely explains this big jump

but then it stalled for several weeks around there

then *wham* big jump to 12 around the 2nd week of Dec and then 5 weeks in top 10. so much of Dec and Jan the song was in the top ten. that's very strong performance. they performed on Mike Douglas and Smokeys special [[but neither contained SL) and then Flip Wilson on 1/7

it's duration on the charts was also very very strong. one of the longest runs of any Sup songs. which means it was selling LOTS