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    "Stoned Love"? Is it true?

    Is it true that The Supremes with Jean Terrell song "Stoned Love" was recorded prior to the Diana Ross and The Supremes Farewell Concert?
    I like renaming songs, this song I like as "One Love"- less psycheldelic!

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    I was just listening to that interview and I just chalked it up to Mary just confused Stoned Love with Up the Ladder

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    I think stoned love was recorded may 1970
    While up the ladder to the roof was recorded in 1969 and possibly recorded or remixes in early 70 prior to release.
    There was another verse to ladder edited out

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    She meant "Ladder". Jean and the Supremes were recording in the late Fall of 1969 prior to Diana's departure.

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    I think like Daviddh said recorded in May 1970 in New York. She must be confused with Up the Ladder. I'm almost sure that we had a discussion not that long ago about how only we hardcore fans seem to remember the facts .
    I wonder what the missing verse of Up the Ladder sounds like. I've heard of it but never heard it.

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    the track for Stoned Love was recorded on March 3, 1970

    background vocals were recorded on April 2

    strings and horns were added on April 27

    on May 2 was another recording date for parts of the song [[not specified)

    June 8 saw additional instruments recorded and the song completed

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    Quote Originally Posted by TYK1986 View Post
    I wonder what the missing verse of Up the Ladder sounds like. I've heard of it but never heard it.
    Here’s a link to one of the late John Perrone’s extended remixes of the song. The not-heard-before lines appear right away. Enjoy

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    i love the extra harp and strings!! but agree that the BG vocals of the ooo's aren't necessary.

    this is one of the most majestic tracks ever recorded at motown. just stunning


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