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    Another-temptin question

    Hi temptaholics, the question of the day is this...the temps recorded three songs dealing with shall we say-the imagination,now of course the first one is[just my imagination]can you name the other two?

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    Take A Stroll Thru Your Mind

    Dream World [[Wings Of Love)

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    Hey mike,only you would be sharp enough to come up with those two,great but not the ones i'm thinking of.

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    Too Busy Thinking About My Baby

    I Wonder Who She's Seeing Now

    Using My Imagination Unreleased

    Only Your Imagination Unreleased

    Imagination Fixation Unreleased

    Coronavirus [[Imagination) Unreleased

    Imagination [[All In Their Mind ) Arr&Bee Mix. Unreleased

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    Dream Come True

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    Mind over matter

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    Try To Remember
    I Truly Truly Believe

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    Nice tries but not quite..keep playin those temps tracks.

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    I Can't Think Of A Thing At All

    I Want A Love I Can See

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    Cloud Nine.

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    Love On My Mind Tonight

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    144 got one of em-cloud nine...now give me the other one.

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    Thinking Out Loud

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    Ok...the other one is....the best of both words.

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    If you hadn't given the second answer, I was going to suggest "I Can't Get Next to You".

    If "I can build a castle from a single grain of sand" and "I can make a ship sail on dry land" aren't good examples of using one's imagination, I don't know what is

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    Good one,144.

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    Take A Stroll Thru Your Mind! Opps already been given.


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