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    Mary Wilson of The Supremes: Singing Lead

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackguy69 View Post
    Its interesting hearing her vocal progression through the years. She manages to make “People” sound kind of sexy.
    For me her best recorded vocal performances are on the last two Supremes albums, particularly Mary, Scherrie & Susaye.

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    You guys know who Slaychelle is, right?

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    I don't

    nice effort though , much appreciated.

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    Slaychelle is a member of Destiny's Child--Michelle

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    It's interesting indeed. I have always liked Pretty Baby and think she sounded good when they first started, especially during the first few years. Then again during the 70's. I love the bulk of Mary's leads from the final 3 albums. Never been fond of Come and get these memories/ Our day will come or can't take my eyes off you [[the mid to late 60's song she recorded).

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    Thanks for sharing this with us. Until tonight - watching / listening to this, I hadn't realised how many tracks Mary sang lead / partial lead with the Supremes throughout her career.

    Whenever Mary appeared in the UK, she always filled the theatre - and was an amazingly good entertainer.

    Seeing Mary's last interview, when she mentioned Universal and a release of her work, I really do hope that this does happen, because although I've created my own CD of Mary's solo work, it's obviously far inferior to anything that Universal may produce. I shall be surprised if there aren't any other tracks in the vaults which feature Mary as the lead, and which have not yet surfaced on a legitimate release. Of course, I have the CD [[album) which Mary released - and it is a treasured possession because Mary has signed it for me in a number of places.

    Once again, many thanks - it was a joy to watch and hear.


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