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    Lamont dozier - new material

    Anyone got any ideas on this peculiar 'release' of Lamont Dozier music tracks? An album Dozier Generations - Lamont Dozier - Reflections of Motown [[Fulls and Underscores) has just surfaced on Spotify with a 2010 date. Despite that date, I am sure this material has never seen the light of day before. All tracks are music tracks, background vocals, no lead vocals. How very odd!

    Also the tracks have been posted to Youtube by Universal Production Music.


    I wonder if these tracks are issued with the possibility of being licensed for commercial usage such as ads or film? Can't imagine any other reason.....
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    Album cover

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    As a video editor I remember these songs being available to be used for video editing starting back in 2010. Essentially royalty free music. You purchase the songs once, then they can be used in whatever productions needed.

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    You were spot on! Looking up the “killer tracks” name on the album artwork, I found this:::


    I think it’s cool that it sounds like [[mostly) live musicians playing real instruments instead of fully synthesized tracks.

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    Well, I know that if one is looking for an answer, someone from the collective knowledge base of the SDF forum will come up with it......but I never imagined such an immediate response. motown01, very impressive! Also Drew, thanks for the pointer. And I found the Postmagazine article 2010 on the subject. Try not to crick your neck when reading

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