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    Marvelettes and Marvin Featured on First Episode of American Idol

    Although it aired Sunday night the 14th, I did not get to watch the first episode of American Idol until tonight. But you will be pleased to hear that two of our favorites factored into the first round of auditions.

    First a guy did a very soulful cover of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" and received rave reviews for his performance. Needless to say he advanced to the next round.

    Later a teenage girl was featured and her dad came along as her guitarist. So the whole time they were interviewing her, The Marvelettes' "My Daddy Knows Best" was playing prominently in the background. And not just a few chords either, I would say at least half the song was played.

    The news is not all good because the Marvs were never acknowledged by name and when the contestant was not put through by the judges, even though they gave her some positive encouragement for the future, the dad turned into a jerk and stomped out of the room, saying they should have tried out for The Voice instead.

    Of course I have always thought that some of these antics on shows like this are carefully rehearsed, but the bottom line is that it was fun to see some Motown recognition. As if that wasn't enough, I switched over to a college basketball game after that, and during a time-out, we heard Marvin and Tammi's "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" playing in the arena. So it was almost an all-Motown night on my TV cable tonight!!!

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    It was interesting to hear MY DADDY KNOWS BEST as it not one usually chosen for such things. I think BUTTERED POPCORN was used on a television show recently as well.


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