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    Different Marvelettes Question

    A friend asked me this today and I had to admit I had never heard anything about it so perhaps someone on here will know.....

    We have all heard the story about the girls finishing fourth in a school talent show, but still managing to get their audition at Motown, and as they say the rest is history. So the question is: Did any of the three acts that finished above them in that talent show ever get a chance at Motown or have any kind of success in their careers?

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    I think it was just suppose to be the winner of the talent show that got an audition at Motown. Never heard who that winner was, but most school talent shows at the time was based on popularity, so who knows.The teacher, Mrs. Sharpley really beleived in the Marvels & I think she knew Robert Bateman & got them the audition.

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    I vaguely recall reading a book that listed the three acts who placed higher than the Marvelettes but I don't remember the names offhand. I don't recall if any of them actually auditioned with Motown.

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    Nothing to my knowledge was ever said or written about the first, second and third place winners in that talent competition. It's nice that the soon-to-be-renamed Marvelettes got an audition too due to a connection, but it really wasn't right. Still, if it had not happened we would not have had the wonderful, hitmaking Marvelettes.


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