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    Tamla Globes, Gordy Script, and Soul White/Lilac labels

    When Motown did the label re-design for it's subsidiaries Tamla, Gordy, and Soul in 1966 it appears that ARP was the first pressing plant to start using the new labels and never look back. Some of the other pressing plants continued using the old style or even switched back and forth between new and old. I'm curious to know what the first records to use the new label design and the last records to use the old design are and where they were pressed.

    For the new designs I've got:
    Stevie Wonder "Blowin' In The Wind" Tamla 54136 (brown bar, pressed at ARP)
    Martha & The Vandellas "I'm Ready Love" Gordy 7056 (arrow, pressed at ARP)
    Frances Nero "Keep On Loving Me" Soul 35020 (purple swirl, pressed at ARP)

    For the old designs I've got:
    Brenda Holloway "Just Look What You've Done" Tamla 54148 (globes, pressed at Monarch)
    The Temptations "Silent Night" Gordy 7082 (script, unknown pressing plant)
    Jr. Walker & The All Stars "Pucker Up Buttercup" Soul 35030 (white/lilac, pressed at Monarch)

    Does anyone have any earlier records that use the "new" designs or any later records that use the old designs?
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    Starter for 10

    Brown Bar 54118 Miracles Tracks of My Tears 2 different pressings both ARP
    Brown Bar 54124 Stevies Uptight ARP
    Brown Bar ? & Two Globes 54127 ARP Miracles Going to a go go
    Brown Bar ARP & 2 Globes ? Isley's 54135

    Liz Lands 7023 Arrow but not issued until 1968
    Liz Lands Midnight Johnny 7030 Badge ARP & Arrow Nashville Matrix Later Issue?
    Temps Gordy 7043 Arrow ARP
    Temps 7055 Arrow ARP

    Soul (Swirl Label was first issued in Mar 1966)
    Jr Walker 35015 Not seen a swirl but supposed to exist
    Jimmy Ruffin 35016 Both Swirl ARP & Lilac ?
    Jr Walker 35017 Lilac ARP & Swirl Nashville Matrix
    Jimmy Ruffin 35022 Lilac ? Swirl ARP
    Jr Walker 35024 Swirl ARP Lilac 'R'

    Smokey Globes 54167 elongated S
    Marvin & Tammi 54173 Globes elongated S & Brown Bar Elongated S

    Can let you have Photo's if you need.


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    Love threads like this

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    Thanks Graham! It looks like Tamla 54173 is the new contender for last 45 to use the globes label.

    I don't think I can count the other ones you listed since both "old" and "new" labels exist from the same pressing plant. I would guess the new style label on most of those were just represses done in conjunction with greatest hits albums or if a record became popular later on. I do still collect these though... I think the earliest reissues with the '66 style labels that I have for Tamla, Gordy, and Soul are:
    Barrett Strong "Money" Tamla 54027
    The Contours "Do You Love Me" Gordy 7005
    Jr. Walker & The All Stars "Shake And Finger Pop" Soul 35013
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    Hi Nick
    Here is Tamla 54173 link with the different labels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yopi2qvVM6s

    However there is one that is later than 54173 namely Marvin's "Grapvine" (Misspelt) 2 globes label. He originally recorded it in 1966, Glady's had her No1 in 1967, and this one is the 1968 issue and not a repress, the Brown Bar issue is from the same pressing plant. Looks like Marvin with Tamla 54176 has another 45's as a contender?

    However I did recall seeing a later Two Globes but missed buying it (& can't remember the artist)

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    After searching around on Discogs, I found a couple of later promos that have the globes label but no stock copies with that design. The latest globes promo that I was able to find was Smokey Robinson & The Miracles "Doggone Right" on Tamla 54183 from 1969.

    It seems like the Marvin single on Tamla 54176 might be the last stock copy with the globes label, at least from what's been submitted to Discogs/45cat/etc.
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    So this makes me wonder if the Isley Brothers T-54175 might exist on the globes label. We have 54173, I have 54174 pictured below, and we know of Marvin's 54176 on the globes label. I've always looked out for and collected label variations, so fun to see a related discussion.
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    I'm guessing these 54170 numbers are RCA Indianapolis pressings going by the W4KM-#### on the labels, so it seems like that was the last pressing plant to use the old globes labels. That's really interesting. I would've guessed it would be one of the further away plants like Monarch.

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    Hi Nick
    Think you are right, I have Tamla 54173 (Marvin & Tammi) 2 Globes Stx & Demo 45's & a Brown Bar Stk 45, all 3 have W4KM### stamped & note the W4KM & number on all 3 labels

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