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    "Baby Don't Go" and my personal tribute

    The news of Mary's passing knocked me down. So unexpected. My original intention was to avoid the forum but after a few hours I've decided to pop in and read everyone's thoughts. Because of my age, I never really had anyone to talk with about my favorite group, the Supremes, until I discovered the old Yahoo Clubs/Groups. And when those groups died out after a few years, it was back to mulling over thoughts about the group and it's music only to myself until I finally made the decision to stop lurking and just join SD a few years ago. It's been a real joy [[and sometimes a real pain) to have this Supremes outlet with others who enjoy the music as much as I do. It's become a Supremes home for me.

    The Supremes are comprised of nine beautiful and talented women, each one deserving of her respected position. But for me there are three who sit higher than the other six: Florence Ballard, Diana Ross and Mary Wilson. I was not born when Flo passed, but sort of retroactively mourn her passing because I'll always feel like there was so much more left for her to do. I actually got heavily into the Supremes because I was initially curious about Florence's voice, after reading Mary's first book, and I always credit Flo with being the spark of my love for the group. Diana Ross...I think I knew who she was before I ever heard of the Supremes. When I was a small child she was still a relevant artist and I remember seeing Black Barbie dolls and thinking they looked like Diana Ross with all that hair. Yet, it was Mary who really introduced me to the group, via the pages of her autobiography. Perhaps had I never decided to read it, I might only be a casual fan today.

    With her passing it feels like the Supremes are officially over, even though there's still one original still standing, and the replacements are still present as well. I'm sad beyond belief. Feels like a family member has gone. It'll be a long time before I pop back into the forum, as this Supremes home of sorts will feel weird knowing Mary is no longer with us. I need time away.

    In the meantime, wanted to leave this one here. It's not the first time I heard Mary sing. The first time was either her appearance on 227 or "Early Morning Love", which was the flip side to my mother's 45 copy of "Heart Do the Walking". But "Baby Don't Go" was my for real-for real introduction to the voice of Mary Wilson, and her vocal proves why she was a shoe in for her spot in the Primettes. This, and "A Heart Like Mine" [[which was the second Mary lead I became acquainted with after my Supremes mania began), are the two songs I've been playing the most, as they are how I will always most remember Mary Wilson lead singer, Supreme, Legend, Icon. Hope y'all listen along for a little bit too.

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    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and....yes. Yes. Yes? YES.

    [[Hope that made you at least smile during this really tough time, RanRan, because that's what I intended.)

    Seriously, though... I related to so many things you said. I came to The Supremes through "Dreamgirl," I later got involved in AOL groups, then eventually Yahoo groups, and finally SD. I was only 7 when Flo died--and didn't even know it happened, let alone who she was, but... I, too, feel like I was attracted because of wanting to hear her voice to go with the stories...and feeling like she had so much left to accomplish before she passed too soon.

    As for Mary, I'm sad because it feels like "the keeper of the Supremes flame" is gone. Diana, no shade, is not going to suddenly pick it up... and it would be a little awkward with one of the '70s ladies taking it up, so... here we are. The Supremes and no Mary. I knew they all will pass someday, but... I just didn't think of it realistically and... here we are. I'd met Mary a handful of times over the years and was so grateful to have been able to do so. I've also made so many friends over the years because of The Supremes.

    Take the time you need to grieve, but be sure to come back and share your opinions, thoughts, and ideas about The Supremes again. I think that we fans need each other.

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    Take your time baby cause this is a huge loss.

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    I have to agree, Ran. I never thought we'd get a reunion of any sorts, but as long as Mary kept the flame alive, the Supremes were still around. Now with her gone it kinda feels like it's over. And it's not just some long lost wish to Diana, Mary and Cindy back together. As I progressed in my love for all the Supremes, I actually would have rather seen Scherrie, Mary, and Susaye reunite. But the sad realization today is that now there can be no Supremes reunion or even the silly hope for one. Mary was the glue that bound the idea of the Supremes to space and time. And now she's gone.

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    Well said, RanRan. And thank you for posting “Baby Don’t Go.” Love this song!


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