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    Remembering Mary Wilson ~ Favorite Moments

    Like the rest of you, I was absolutely stunned and am beyond heartbroken over the unexpected and devastating loss of Ms. Mary Wilson. It was the first thing that I woke up to this morning and I am still at a loss for words.

    I thought it might be nice to remember all of the wonderful moments Mary has given us through the years. I'd like to list some of my favorite 'Mary Moments' and hope you all will add in some of your own. Let's keep Mary's light burning bright.

    Some of my favorite studio solos:

    1) Baby Don't Go
    2) The Tears
    3) It Makes No Difference Now
    4) Our Day Will Come
    5) The Christmas Song
    6) Falling in Love with Love
    7) Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
    8) Floy Joy
    9) I Keep it Hid
    10) Till the Boat Sails Away

    Some of my favorite live solos:

    1) People [[at the Roostertail)
    2) Can't Take My Eyes Off You [[Hollywood Palace, 1969)
    3) Michael Row the Boat Ashore [[from 'Tarzan' appearance)
    4) Walk the Line [[Arsenio Hall solo appearance)
    5) Stormy Weather [[live, 2015)

    A view great performances:

    Rest in peace, Ms. Wilson. I hope you and Flo are singing sweetly together now.

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    1. The Tears
    2. It Makes No Difference Now [[alternate version)
    3. Falling In Love With Love
    4. Automatically Sunshine
    5. Don't Let My Teardrops Bother You

    1. People [[1966)
    2. Can't Take My Eyes Off You [[Japan 1973)
    3. I Believe In You And Me [[Donny and Marie Show)

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    1. The Tears
    2. Don't Let My Teardrops Bother You
    3. Automatically Sunshine
    4. Sunset
    5. Baby Don't Go

    Saw her sing Can't Take My Eyes Off You at the Forum in 1969. For me, it was quite unexpected. The audience was very receptive. The "no-hit" [[yet) Jackson 5 were the opening act for Diana Ross & the Supremes. 10 year old Michael Jackson absolutely stole the night!

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    My favorite Mary moment isn't a song but an experience.

    I went to see her UP CLOSE show at Feinstein's at the Regency in NYC. My seat was directly in front of Mary and the show was great. I would like to think she was singing to me but that would be assuming too much.

    When the show was over, she went backstage to change. She came back out, walked straight up to me, grabbed my hand, took me over to the side, and started talking to me. We were by now being trailed by a group of fans, yet she talked to me for quite a while. I don't remember all we talked about but I do remember telling her that I had seen Martha Reeves the night before at Joe's Pub and she seemed so excited.

    I was also struck by how beautiful she was. Photos really didn't do her justice. She looked like a living doll.

    R.I.P. Queen.

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    "Here's to Life".Rest in peace, Mary Wilson of The Supremes.

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    I first saw the Supremes in 1967 singing “The Happening” on the Ed Sullivan Show. But then I saw them singing “Reflections” on Hollywood Palace and “In and Out of Love on ES and was awed by Mary Wilson’s blond hair! While she always looked beautiful and full of class, I always thought she looked particularly striking in her blond wigs! Some of my favorite MW performances!

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    her strut on stage at Motown 25 in the red dress...

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    Maybe my favorite Mary Moment was her video for Walk the Line. She sounded terrific, and was smoking hot on top of it. I also loved it when she did it live on Arsenio.

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    One of my favorite moments of Mary Wilson was the time I stayed up late and watched Showtime at the Apollo. Mary did an updated dance version of "You Keep Me Hangin On". The audience partying and Mary working that stage in that red dress will always remain a great memory.

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    my favourite moment is the "Supreme Glamour" book a true love testament to her bond with the group..a stunning array of photos


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