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    5th Dimension in 2020

    This is a great interview with Billy Davis Jr. and Marilyn McCoo from the 5th Dimension. I haven't followed their history so I found this very interesting.

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    Everything they say here is true. I've followed them very closely and met them many, many times. I'll be happy to answer any questions if you guys have some.

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    looking good

    They look amazing, how old are they? Do they still performed with the 5th Dimension, would be one of my bucket list. Great pop songs.

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    They are both in their 70's and haven't performed as the 5th Dimension in 20 years. The group reunited in the 90's and they all toured on and off for almost a decade, while still performing as Marilyn and Billy. The latest 5th are still performing.

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    I saw Marilyn and Billy in concert back in 2016. I forget how the show was billed but there was something about "dimension" in the title. They had a small group along with them and they went through a history of their career. It was a really great show. Afterwards, I bought every 5th Dimension cd from their tenure with the group.

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    Wow,i also am a big fan of both billy,marilyn and the group,i recently found an lp by them from the seventies.

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    Lovely, intelligent people and it's always great to see M & B [[as well as any other 5D members). The M & B solo lps were excellent, sophisticated soul-pop in the best way possible and still sound great.

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    Peace-- I agree. I loved their song I Hope We Get to Love In Time. Also I think most people don't know that Marilyn did the original version of Whitney Houston's Saving All My Love For You. It wasn't released as a single, sadly.

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    "You Don't Have to Be a Star[[to be in My show)" was a huge hit by them as a duet. They always came across as genuine nice people. I met Florence LaRue a few years ago, as she was on a show with Freda Payne & Florence was real nice & could really sing.

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    All the members of the 5th are great people. Very nice, no attitude

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    James jamerson

    As I recall Jamerson was on one of their hit records, I may be wrong about that?

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    I've seen some info about a new Marilyn & Billy info; will post when I find it again!

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    When was the last time that Florence sang with the group? They were so vibrant that it's hard to believe that they are in their 70's and 80's.


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