Today in my Wilmington, DE News Journal was a 12 page section from the USA Today Network [which they are affiliated with]. I do not know if this was distributed nationwide, however, it is full of good information. The section is called Hallowed Sound - How Bkack Voices From the South Made American Music What It Is Today. There are various sections that are noteworthy in it. Lots of great pictures included in the segments.

I will detail exactly what they are.

Introducing Hallowed Sound
Forward: Black Music Reflects the Potential Of Our Country - George Clinton
The Roaring Nights That Shaped American Music
The Trials & Triumphs of the Fisk Jubilee Singers
Raised in the Mississippi Delta, the Blues Influenced Music for Generations
[including 25 essential Mississippi Delta Blues Songs]
Culture, Sounds Mixed Along the Mississippi and Jazz Was Born
[including 25 essential jazz recordings]
From Memphis to Muscle Shoals, Wilson Pickett Made His Mark on Soul
Music [including 5 essential Stax recordings & 5 Muscle Shoals recordings]
Soulful Sounds from the South Polished for the Masses in Motown
[including the 50 greatest Motown Hits -- restricted to 1959-1972]
The South Got Something To Say: Inside the Rise of Atlanta Hip-Hop
Black Artists Who Changed Country Music

It is noteworthy about the Motown hits segment. This is the Detroit Free Press list compiled by readers for the label's 50th Anniversary. They are not specifically listed from #1 to #50; they are arranged by the first letter of the title of the song.

If time permits later today and if anyone specifically wants to know the Top 50 from this period, I will attempt to detail it for you.

I encourage everyone to see if they can locate this section. It will be worth your effort.

I do not know whether the USA Today publishes a Sunday edition which probably would carry it.