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    I might have known I'd get the blame, yet when I was offered the job of Honorary Forum Scapegoat, they made it sound so attractive.

    The Great Bookkeeper in the Sky decreed that every debit should have a credit, so the only way you can remedy this, arr&bee, is to create an anti-thread.

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    Yes, there would definitely be some sort of fallout, radioactive or otherwise.
    Let us not fall out about it.

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    The geiger counter would be going off the charts!

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    Moe??? What are you doing here[hehe]??? You must've fallen from the face of reality to land here,of course nobody actually knows where this place is or if it actually exist..kinda like the movies i cast you in,hehehehehe!!!

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    And......the closet you get yourself stuck in, R&B.

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    Luckily for your career,i found my way out,hehehehe!!!

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    That's debateable.......at times

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    Why my dear moe...everything i do is debatetable,hehehehhe!!!

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    It's The Way You Do The Things You Do. [Those Temptations get everywhere.]

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    I thought i had a choice between-a rock and a hard place,but when i got there the rock was gone and the hard place was already sold...not top that bad luck 144man..[hehehe!!!]

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    On the contrary, I had some rather good luck. I was trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea, but the tide had gone out and Hell had frozen over.

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    Did you run into The Eagles, 144man [since hell had frozen over]?

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    Yes, I did, but then it was just one of those nights.

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    But did you see the Tequila Sunrise?

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    Last thing I remember I was running for the door.

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    Well, that's life in the fast lane, 144man

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    I knew if I didn't delete the "ooops" thread, you chuckle heads would come up with something. Hey, who loves you guys?

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    We need to take it to the limit, Ralph.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ralpht View Post
    I knew if I didn't delete the "ooops" thread, you chuckle heads would come up with something. Hey, who loves you guys?

    Last edited by sansradio; 05-10-2021 at 07:04 PM.

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    I know, Moe, I know. I wouldn't change a thing.

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    Not to mention a peaceful easy feeling on this thread.....

    144man......where are you?

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    At the moment still trying to check out of the Hotel California.

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    No you're not......You can't hide those Lyin Eyes.

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    Hey, slow down....take it easy....

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    Watch out, Ralph, but I Can't Tell You Why....

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    This is all leaving me with Freyed nerves.

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    If your nerves are Freyed perhaps you want to go to Party Town with a bunch of us?

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    Somebody's living life in the fast lane...

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    Sansradio, better be careful.......If you're living that fast there just might be a Heartache

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    ...swiftly followed by a Tequila Sunrise...

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    I heard you were headed for Hotel California. Look out for many Desperados along the way.

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    Checked out of Hotel California but still unable to leave.
    Haven't had so many problems since I stayed at the Bates Motel. Now that really psyched me out.

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    Well, for starters, I'm just glad it wasn't that awful Roach Motel........
    So it psyched you out, huh? Having angst getting into showers?
    Can't seem to identify who is who? Maybe you need Redd Foxx to help by saying:
    "Norman, Is That You?"

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    I don't know if it was ever released over here. I do have Thelma Houston's "One Out of Every Six" though.

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    I just got it........LMAO

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    Am getting desperate to leave the Hotel California. I don't like the look of The New Kid In Town. I'm beginning to doubt if I'll be able to Come Home for Christmas.

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    I also heard there's a witchy woman down Electric Avenue. Check Yourself. You Can't Judge a Book By It's Cover, 144man. Or, you might be Still a Fool.

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    Have finally left the dreaded Hotel California.
    What a noble and selfless act it was for Arr&bee to volunteer to take my place there.
    The mere threat of this happening was enough to secure my immediate release.

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    It wouldn't surprise me if R&B had help from Greasy Grady & The Weener Brothers on this one, 144man. His connections are pretty good.

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...moe this is why you're the biggest star on[doorscreens]today..ralph,you couldn't delete something that is so nonexistinally insignificant that it's like dust and you know how hard it is to delete dust...it just pops up somewhere else..now i'm gonna dust myself off and head to grady's for a snack...anyone brave enough to join me???

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    I want to live, R&B.......so I think I'll pass.

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    You guys make my job so easy,,,,,love you like a moose.

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    I'd rather call it poison ivy........

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    i want to live, r&b.......so i think i'll pass.
    now moe,you know that grady always has his meals sampled before he serves them...and one of the rats always survives!!

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    That rat that survived is from the Union, R&B. He doesn't have to taste because he has his flunkies do it..........and look what happens!!!!!!!

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    Moe,you do realise that we're in freefall here with no net..just like one of my polariod classics, but don't worry there's no bottom to land on so enjoy the fall-wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!

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    With you, R&B....life is consistently in a freefall....

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    And you wouldn't have it any other way..someone mentioned-freyed nerves..grady served those the other day with his infamous[dry-rotted onions]...hungry moe?


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