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    I just feel sorry for your wife. I think she needs to take over your shed.

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...she would if she could find it,hehehehe!!!

  3. #103
    Tracking device on you.........she's no dummy

  4. #104
    Maybe you should be her agent,hehehehe!!

  5. #105
    How do you know I'm not? Be very afraid, R&B.....

  6. #106
    Me afraid?? Haaaaaaaaaaaaa..i'm the guy who ate at grady's an lived to tell about it..oh by the way moe,the famous [weener bros.]are waiting for you to sign your contract....well!!!!

  7. #107
    This post is sinking with no bottom in sight, what a post,spinning out of control...hey wait a minute-this has no control being the opposite of anything and nothing!!!

  8. #108
    Just like the Universe; never have quite figured out what keeps it from falling down.

  9. #109
    This place has no beginning and no ending and no future other than it exists...or does it???

  10. #110
    It's all in your mind, R&B.....

  11. #111
    "It's like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel, never ending nor beginning on an ever spinning wheel..."

  12. #112
    Correct, 144man. Just ask David Clayton Thomas

  13. #113
    That would make me so very happy.

  14. #114
    You never disappoint, 144man.....never

  15. #115
    Hey...what goes up must come down.....

  16. #116
    Moe,you're needed down at wardrobe,the only reason duufuss didn't find you is he passed right by this post..poor duufuss!

  17. #117
    You created the role, R&B. Who is this girl I'm supposed to portray......Lucretia Macevil?
    I have no script.

  18. #118
    I'm floating on a cloud of nothiness,with no destination in sight...voices all around me but no faces,i would check it out but where is the checkout button???

  19. #119
    Paging Dr. Mayfield!
    Paging Dr. Curtis Mayfield! Come Right Away!!

  20. #120
    I heard Curtis Mayfield can't satisfy or that was the impression I got.
    Last edited by 144man; 06-15-2021 at 12:25 PM.

  21. #121
    I heard that, too. But.....I Plan To Stay A Believer.

  22. #122
    I plan to stay a believer that we'll get out of lockdown on 19 July.

  23. #123
    You know what he says: People Get Ready

  24. #124
    He also told expectant mothers to Keep On Pushing.

  25. #125
    After all he IS The Pusherman!

  26. #126
    If Super Fly fought Spider Man, who would win?
    Would Spider Man think this was the wrong thread and retreat to the world wide web?

  27. #127
    Listen To Your Heart, 144man. What do you think?

  28. #128
    If I look into my heart with a positive mind, I still don't know the answer.

  29. #129
    I've Passed This Way Before [Myself] 144man. I feel you need to
    Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive. It helps.

  30. #130
    No sooner said than done:

    Two atoms were walking down the street.
    One says to the other: Oh dear, I've lost an electron.
    Second one asks: Are you sure?
    First one replies: Yes, I'm positive.

  31. #131
    OK......but......does the positive one know how to do the Neutron Dance?
    Asking for a friend.......

  32. #132
    Yeah, but he's so shy...

  33. #133
    Maybe.....But........I heard it Through The Grapevine that He's The Greatest Dancer

  34. #134
    I heard that since he came out of his shell, they couldn't turn him off in the middle of turning him on.

  35. #135
    Please. Heís a pretenderódoesnít mean a word of it.

  36. #136
    Woke up this morning. Alexa told me that it was Barry Manilow's birthday and that it looks like he made it.
    If an AI is playing this game now, I wish I'd stayed in bed...
    Last edited by 144man; 06-17-2021 at 03:24 AM.

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    Ohhh, not feeling well? Send For The Doctor!

  38. #138
    Doctor my eyes are so sore because of my hayfever. I'm stuck here indoors just looking through the windows.

  39. #139
    Sad Sad Days for you, 144man.....:[[

  40. #140
    Yeah, moe, just can't get my mojo working.

  41. #141
    You Better Watch Yourself. We need you in Tippity Top condition.

  42. #142
    Testing-testing...is this thing on...anyone outthere-inthere-around there,there there -here-here..bartholome my brother???

  43. #143
    Looks like R&B has somewhat hooked up with Pink Floyd.

    Still waiting for an answer from Dr Mayfield!


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