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    Jr Walker Bio "The Making Of A Legend"

    A new Motown biography!

    One of Jr Walkers son's "Kenneth Dewalt" has recently published a short bio titled "Shotgun The Making Of A legend" The Paperback issue has just over 130 pages and then a gallery of photographs, a number previously unseen before. A brief and interesting read with a more personal slant.

    However I do find that the orignal biography "The Jr Walker Story - The Man Behind The Sax" published in 2011 is more detailed and the better of the two. It is a hard one to find but a great book to read. It has taken me a while to find another copy after misplacing the other.
    Authors Derek Dewalt (another of Jr's family) and Kambon Obayami

    Welcome any views if you have had the oppourtunity to have read either of the books

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    Great news. First, we get a well done yet overdue 70s box set, now a book on his life. Glad to see Jr. finally receive his flowers.

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    Sounds like good reading,got to cheke these out.

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    Just ordered the new book on Junior by Kenneth Dewalt, I tried to find the original over and over again! I wrote to Kenneth no response, and the publisher seemed only to be the printer and advised contact Kenneth, look forward to receiving the new issue of the book, sad if it has been cut.

    Why will people not reissue when there is demand, I was disappointed with the cancelation of The Jones Girls 2 CD set, there was once a Best of The Jones Girls one CD release, but if you can find copies they are not cheap, and some people these days ask for stupid prices for postage, one asked for 26!

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    Jean Carn
    / The Jones Girls ‎– The Best Of Jean Carn And The Best Of The Jones Girls

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    Thanks so much jack020, just purchased from Holland!

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    This book is appalling poorly written and totally uninformative.Sounds like Junior was a difficult man with habits normally associated with David Ruffin.
    What about the music,motown,the tours!!!!!!!
    Ah well we still have the music

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    My copy of the reissued book arrived yesterday from an Amazon UK seller major bookshop, after trying for years to get a copy of the original, in my opinion it is better to have some record on Junior Walker, rather than nothing, good to see some photo's. I met Junior many times here in the UK to interview and I always found him a very genuine guy. On his last visit his drressing room was on the third floor, on a ver hot day! no lift in the theatre, when I arrived he Junior was sat outside, saying there was a little air, and he looked so weary, I said let's leave it today, I will just go and get you a cold drink, but no way would Junior allow me not to interview, that is how I remember him.

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    I've been trying to get that first bio of Jr for years. I had my suspicions about Kenneth's book and I don't even want to bother with it. I would love to know more about his life
    and music, his love of the blues and other influences...

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    Should have said that I adore Junior’s music,magnificent sax.player and terrific live performer,saw him many times in London in the 60’s,70’s,80’ never less than brilliant.


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