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    80s soundtrack opportunities

    hard to believe (or did i just miss it?) but Diana didn't do any soundtrack songs in the 80s. after the juggernaut of Saturday Night Fever's soundtracks, labels and studios quickly realized the massive opportunity to load popular films up with hot songs. The mid to late 80s brought us such soundtrack greats as Flashdance, Footloose, Top Gun, Breakfast Club, Beverly Hills Cop and many more.

    So many top performers of the era had hits yet Diana seems to have not even been in discussion with doing one, much less actually doing any. yes she did Endless Love and It's My Turn with motown. but those are movie theme songs. I wonder if she might have had success with getting a song into the movie itself and then the soundtrack

    and of course the Sups were long since disbanded. but certainly is interesting to think what they MIGHT have done. i could absolutely hear them doing some great pop/dance number that accompanies an fun (and typical) 80s montage sequence where that heroine is being transformed into the beauty or the kids are shopping their way through the awesome mall lolol

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    "If We Hold On Together" - Land Before Time 1988

    "Musles" - Playing For Keeps 1986

    "Work that Body" - Tough Guys 1986

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    She did have "If We Hold On Together" from Land Before Time. And I guess you can add "It's My Turn" and "Endless Love", technically, but I get what you mean. She is absent from those great 80s soundtracks, the 90s too. I always thought she would've been a great addition to the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack and often wondered why she wasn't included or even if she was considered. Then a couple weeks ago I saw a video on Youtube of Whitney talking about how she picked the artists to do the album, so I guess that explains that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marybrewster View Post
    "If We Hold On Together" - Land Before Time 1988

    "Musles" - Playing For Keeps 1986

    "Work that Body" - Tough Guys 1986
    yes but i wouldn't categorize any of these as blockbuster soundtracks. i get what you mean - she did do more movie work than i realized.

    but in the early and mid 80s as mega soundtracks were starting to explode, i would have thought they'd have raced to get a track from her or use one of her songs

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    It's also interesting that Diana (& The Supremes) never had a song on some of the BIG 'retro' soundtracks for blockbuster smashes like 'The Big Chill' or 'Good Morning Vietnam' while other Motown acts had multlple songs.


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