Kim Cattrall is to Sex and the City What Mary Wilson Is to the Supremes: Speaker of the Truth
Roger Friedman

Many years ago, the great singer Mary Wilson, founding member of the Supremes, refused to go on an anniversary tour with Diana Ross. The reason? Diana would be paid three times as much Mary. Wilson, choosing integrity, said no. She was either equal to Diana Ross or not going.

Kim Cattrall has played the Mary Wilson role in the story of “Sex and the City.” She was always paid substantially less than Sarah Jessica Parker in her role as Samantha. Presumably, Cattrall was remunerated equally to Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis. The three “SATC” back up singers were paid good money, but Parker was the star.

Cattrall stuck with Samantha for the television series and two movies. But for a third movie she balked. She wanted equal pay, otherwise she was done. Obviously it didn’t happen....

As for Mary Wilson, she’s respected and loved, and has had a wonderful career without Diana Ross. She’s held her head high. Same for Kim Cattrall, who just starred in the series “Filthy Rich” and is always generating new shows. She doesn’t need “SATC.” They need her. I have a feeling the new series will be quite bland without her.

I can see a few things in this simile that I might disagree with, but it would probably bring up the whole RTL rehashing. But this is an interesting comparison and thought that Supremes fans might enjoy reading it