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    Scherrie Payne - When I Looked At Your Face/Fly

    I've always liked both these tracks but have also been curious as to how Scherrie came to record these two songs as part of the soundtrack for the Jodie Foster film Moi, Fleur Bleu.

    I believe that the UK single was released first in October 1977 with 'Fly' as the A side - followed by the US release in early 1979, when the sides were reversed.

    If anyone can provide any information, greatly appreciated.

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    I can provide no new information, but I thought I'd include 2 versions, one by Jodie Foster herself and the other by?

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    And there is a third song from the film (La Conga) for which Scherrie receives writing credits.


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    Here's a few reviews of the movie.....quite 'je ne sais quoi'


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    Here is an instrumental version of La Conga:

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    The plot thickens: Nary a mention of Scherrie as a composer in the credits here:


    Was Scherrie possibly given writers credits if/when she recorded the songs? Did she have a connection with someone connected to the film at that time?
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    Both are by Jodie Foster

    Here's Scherrie's version

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    strong songs. the the most magical things ever released but solid efforts. I think if she had done some production work for the group, i think it would have been successful. Fly is a good track and could have been REALLY hot if M and S had joined in with the backing vocals do more than just repeat "fly."


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