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    Is The Jones Girls set still being released today?

    January 8th was supposed to be the delayed release date for the two-CD best of collection but my two primary websites make it sound as if it may have bitten the dust. Does anyone know anything?

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    Amazon UK: This title will be released on January 15, 2021.

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    It's not coming out there were some issues with publishing.

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    That's a shame if it's been cancelled. I fancied this one but never at the price originally advertised so waited to see if it dropped. That's the problem I tend to find when they compile a fabulous group like these. I usually have at least 75% of the material elsewhere, so just short of 25 pounds is unrealistic for me. Fingers crossed it might see the light in the future then.

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    Was really looking forward to this set! I noticed even in Japan it said Withdrawn! though Amazon UK have still got it on site for release? Agree it was a little over priced.

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    It's totally disappeared from Dusty Groove.

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    I don't know how these things work but it would seem crazy to abandon it at such a late point in time. Surely SOMETHING could be done so that it could be released, even if it required a further delay. But as someone else noted, I probably already had 90% of the material anyway.


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