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    Another use for Motown calendars

    I use the old Motown calendar from 2001 / 2005 for the last year and I intend to use it in 2021.

    What you have to do is find a month on the calendar which begins on a certain day. For instance: May 2001/ May 2005 begin on a Tuesday. So I can use it in September 2020, December 2020, & June 2021. It has a great picture of the 4 Tops. So I just went through the dates & figured out all the months for 2021. There is room on the top right of the numbers to write the name of the new month September 2020 December 2020 & June 2021

    Try it out.


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    I just looked at the calendar from 2020 of the New England Patriots ( the one with Tom Brady ) & I liked the pictures so much I did the same thing with it to make it into 2021


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    There is a website in which you can enter a year and see which other years, past and future, will match exactly. I, too, have the Motown 2001 calendar which could have been used in 2018, and can be reused in 2029. I also have the Motown 2002 calendar which I could have used in 2019, and can reuse in 2030. Those who have the Motown 2005 calendar can reuse it in 2022.




    Per edafan's approach, you can enter a month and year to find another month from another year that matches days and dates. I did not explore this in depth, at all.

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    I just put up Mary Wells pic June 2001 June 2005 January 2021. They all begin on a Friday



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