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    Kim Weston

    I'm listening to her "For The First Time" LP, which I haven't listened to in a while. What an amazing album from an amazing vocalist. She was maybe one of the best and it's a shame that nothing really took off for her. I would love this album on CD with any possible bonus tracks. I wonder if this is something Hip-O Select or Reel Music will release? I know it's more show-tunes than soul music, but still really great.

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    I wonder how much good stuff (showtunes/big band and soul-pop) is in the vaults from Kim's MGM years? I have "For The First Time" and "This Is America"--both beautiful, but not really showing off her soul-pop abilities. I need to re-rip "For The First Time" from vinyl to MP3.

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    Dan, I sent you a message.

    I've had her solo albums on mp3's for a few years, stored away on CD-R...and I've been going through the stacks of CD-R's this summer...finding all sorts of stuff I forgot about. I'm listening to her "Kim, Kim, Kim" album right now, and it's fantastic. I listened to it once, but in the midst of daily hustle and bustle, I forgot about it and it got lost in the pile of CD-R's. "You Just Don't Know" is a great track.

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    Normal Record companies didn't leave a lot in the can like Motown. They didn't believe in "wasting money" raised for projects. They generally needed unusual circumstances to end up getting shelved.

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    Here's a listing of Kim's MGM recordings. It's interesting that some of the titles she recorded at MGM were seemingly issued on later labels or were re-recorded. I wonder which?

    A Kim Weston Discography on the MGM Label.
    All information is taken from “The MGM Labels: A Discography” by Michel Ruppli and Ed Novitsky.

    Kim Weston (vo) with Orchestra arranged by Sonny Sanders.
    NYC, February 24, 1967
    102164 I Got What You Need MGM K 13720, (E) C/CS 8055
    102165 Here I Am Unissued

    Kim Weston (vo) with Orchestra arranged by Sonny Sanders.
    NYC, March 9, 1967
    102238 Someone Like You MGM K 13720

    Kim Weston (vo) with ?
    NYC, June 26, 1967
    102740 Come Sunday Unissued

    Kim Weston (vo) with orchestra arranged by Melba Liston –1, Slide Hampton – 2,
    Jerry Wilcox – 3, Thad Jones – 4, Wade Marcus –5.
    NYC, 1967 (?)
    102738 In The Dark
    102739 The Beat Goes On –2
    102741 Ev’rything In The World I Love –3
    102742 Come Rain Or Come Shine –1
    102743 Walking Happy –4
    102744 When The Sun Comes Out –1
    102745 Free Again –2
    102746 That’s Life –2
    102747 Come Back To Me –5

    All titles issued on MGM E/SE 4477.
    All titles, except 120743, also issued on MGM (E) C/CS 8055.

    Kim Weston (vo) with Orchestra arranged by Wade Marcus –1, Slide Hampton –2.
    NYC, 1967.
    102941 Where Am I Going? –1
    102942 If You Go Away -2

    All titles issued on MGM E/SE 4477, MGM (E) C/CS 8055.

    Kim Weston (vo) with ?
    LA, June 30, 1967.
    L 408 Land Of Tomorrow MGM K 13804
    L 409 Stormy Unissued

    Kim Weston (vo) with ?
    LA, July 21, 1967.
    L 421 Since I Fell For You Unissued
    L 422 I Stand Blue Unissued

    Kim Weston (vo) with ?
    LA, July 27, 1967.
    L 423 For Me Unissued
    L 424 That’s Groovy MGM K 13804
    L 425 Again Unissued
    L 426 Please Go Unissued
    L 428 Yesterday Unissued

    Kim Weston (vo) with ?
    LA, November 9, 1967.
    L 580 Ready Or Not Unissued
    L 581 Down In The Ghetto Unissued
    L 582 Love Don’t Let Me Down Unissued
    L 585 I Am All Alone Unissued

    Kim Weston (vo) with ?
    NYC, December 6, 1967
    104080 Nobody MGM K 13881
    104081 You’re Just The Kind Of Guy “

    Kim Weston (vo) with ?
    LA, December 14, 1967.
    L 597 Changes Unissued
    L 598 When Johnny Comes Marching Home Unissued

    Kim Weston (vo) with Orchestra arranged by Marty Paich.
    LA, January 10, 1968.
    L 617 The Exodus Song (This Land Is Mine)
    L 618 If I Ruled The World
    L 619 People
    L 620 The Impossible Dream (The Quest) MGM 13928

    All titles issued on MGM E/SE 4561

    Kim Weston (vo) with Orchestra arranged by Marty Paich.
    LA, January 20, 1968.
    L 621 The House I Live In
    L622 When Johnny Comes Marching Home MGM K 13928
    L623 Teach The Earth
    L624 This Is America MGM K 13927

    All titles issued on MGM E/SE 4561

    Kim Weston (vo) with Orchestra arranged by Marty Paich.
    LA, January 25, 1968
    L 638 Born Free
    L 639 This Is My Country
    L 640 Somewhere (There’s A Place For Us)
    L 641 Lift Every Voice And Sing MGM K 13927
    All titles issued on MGM E/SE 4561
    Kim Weston (vo) with ?
    LA, July 11, 1968
    L 827 Gotta Let Go Unissued
    L828 Baby, Baby, Baby “
    L829 You’re Too Beautiful To Be Good “
    L830 The Letter “

    Kim Weston (vo) with orchestra arranged by Marty Paich.
    LA, July 15, 1968.
    L 831 Thankful MGM K 13992
    L 832 Something That I Feel Unissued
    L 833 Both Sides Now Unissued

    Kim Weston (vo) with ?
    LA, 1968.
    L 852 When I Lost You Unissued
    L 853 Better Than My Best Unissued.

    Kim Weston (vo) with ?
    NYC, August 22, 1968.
    105435 I Will Understand MGM K 13992

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    Motown_David, thanks for sharing that. Very interesting to see what she recorded during those first two years away from Motown! I'm curious, too, as to whether some of those songs were held over for a couple of years until release or re-recorded for later album inclusions.

    Carlo, I'm also a fan of "Big Brass Four Poster" and "Kim Kim Kim"--Kim has such an engaging voice on those two LPs!

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    There are several, 5 or 6 if I remember correctly, Stax tracks in the vault too - all of them totally wonderful. I was allowed to listen to them last year but not have copies. So frustrating! Just wish that an enterprising company like Ace in London would release these tracks.

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    Can I point Kim fans at her Anthology. Since it was issued, no-one seems to have commented on the fact that one of the Tracks also appeared (in what sounds to me like exactly the same recording) as a track on her first MGM album.

    Of the tracks listed as MGM above both "Where am I going" and "When I lost you" were recorded by Kim at Motown. The backing tracks were indeed made in NYC but in October 1966 with Kim adding her lead in November 66.

    She could, of course, have rerecorded the songs at MGM but for the issued track, my ear says Mickey S may have had a couple of rundowns in his briefcase when he arrived at MGM?! Anybody get an exact US album release date in 1967 for the first MGM album?


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