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    Diana Ross Live Aid Question

    Why no Ross at Live Aid? Was she asked, but declined? I've always thought this would be an event her participation would be mandatory. I've read MJ was asked to participate but had other obligations.

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    I never heard whether or not Diana was asked to do LIVE AID. Not sure what she doing around that time, maybe finishing EATEN ALIVE?

    A couple of years before, she reportedly turned down a 50-minute slot at the US Music Festival, supposedly because at that time she didn't appear on shows with other performers. Maybe she felt the same about LIVE AID.
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    Thanks for the info Reese. I feel like her absence from this project is huge, especially considering how she feels about charitable things.

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    If it was around the Eaten Alive time, she may have been caught up in her whirlwind romance, and taking time off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reese View Post
    at that time she didn't appear on shows with other performers.
    I can remember that allegation although I guess we should say 'didn't appear at concert performances with others' as she seemed to have no problems performing on TV shows (eg Oscars, American Music Awards) where there were obviously other musical performances.

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    I remember on the the divas shows...after ...the Ross special....she appeared again and sang but did not join the final with the other ladies.
    Thought it was snobby personally


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