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    Supreme Cards

    Many years ago, I purchased on eBay a series of cards featuring The Supremes that I think were offered through the Motown Fanclub. I had never seen them before. I thought I lost them but they showed up when I moved offices. If anyone has more info on them, I would love to hear it!
    So, here they are. 11 cards featuring a photo on both sides. 2.5" x 3.75"
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    I think they came in the cassette version of the 25TH ANNIVERSARY album.

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    These cards came with the "Deluxe 2 Cassette Set With 12 Picture Cards" of the 25th Anniversary 1986 release. If you have the vinyl and/or CD releases, the booklets with those sets contain the same pictures.

    This was discussed on SD within the past year or two, which prompted me, at the time, to check my cards which, Oh No!, were not with the cassette set. Fortunately, I found them with other memorabilia. Phew!

    I have 12 cards. The card you are missing in your post has a pic of them from Dean Martin singing Mother Dear, on one side. The other side is a pic from 1967, I think, in an outdoor setting. The pic is familiar to me but I'm not sure which CD or book I saw it in color recently. I think the dresses are pink, I think it was in the desert. They all have their arms in the air.
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    Thanks for this information! They are definitely cassette size! I wonder what happened to my card 12? Perhaps, whoever sold them to me saved it as Dean Martin & Mother Dear were favorites.

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    Just to add pictures to Reese and Johnjeb's words :

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